Sunanda Global, a leading construction chemical company in India, has been featured in several magazines, including Construction World, Concrete India, and Building Materials. These articles highlight our innovative products and services and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Sunanda Global, recently praised in a recent Construction World article, developed an anti-washout admixture utilized to prevent concrete erosion in harsh environments. Several major construction projects in India are currently employing this product.

Another story in Concrete India highlighted our liquid-applied waterproofing membranes. These membranes protect concrete from water damage and demonstrate exceptional efficacy in regions with abundant rainfall or high humidity. We are also a regular contributor to Building Materials magazine. In recent articles, the company has discussed its new bonding agents for plaster, concrete, AAC, and CC block. These agents help improve the adhesion of these materials and can help reduce construction costs. Sunanda Global is committed to providing its customers with the latest construction chemicals and materials information. The company's articles featured in various magazines are a valuable resource for builders, architects, and engineers.