Phoenix Mall of Asia project in Bengaluru & its problem:

Phoenix Mall Of Asia in Bengaluru is India’s pioneering luxury retail center, heralding a new era of shopping and leisure.

The Mall Of Asia, transcending buyer-seller divides, exudes grandeur expansively.

Elevating your visit here is an experience marked by elegant architecture, vibrant art, and immersive encounters, all contributing to its distinctive charm.

Each level is meticulously crafted to resemble scenes from an artwork!

An ‘open-plan’ layout enhances the enjoyment and effortless exploration as you navigate through the premises.

The challenge lay in matching the mall’s immaculate period features with modern advancements.

Sunanda Global’s bonding agent for plaster emerged as the ideal solution. Therefore, Sunanda’s solution allowed the project contractors to restore the fragile original details.

Phoenix Mall of Asia Bengaluru

The Application of Sunanda’s product in the project:

Damaged sections were carefully removed and used to create moulds with Sunanda Global’s bonding agent for the plaster to retain fine details.

The contractors then used these moulds to craft new pieces that seamlessly blended with the surfaces, ensuring accuracy.

The contractors began the restoration by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces and removing dirt and loose particles.

After moistening the surface, they evenly applied a coat of Sunanda Global’s bonding agent to the plaster.

As the surface became tacky, they added a chat/dash coat of cement mortar within a specified time frame.

This tacky period varied based on external atmospheric conditions and substrate saturation.

Once the surface became adequately tacky, plastering or concrete work commenced.

Enhanced Bond Strength:

The use of Sunanda Global’s bonding agent for plaster significantly strengthened the bond between the new plaster and the existing substrate.

As the concrete cured, the bond strength continued to increase, ensuring long-lasting results.

Importantly, this bonding agent had no corroding or deteriorating effects on the building’s structural components, including reinforcement steel.

The force required to pull out plaster aided by Sunanda’s bonding agent was twice what was needed to detach ordinary plaster.

This enhanced bond strength was crucial for the Phoenix Mall of Asia’s restoration success, ensuring the longevity of the preserved elements.

Addressing Gunniting Challenges:

In many cases, inadequate bond strength led to the failure of gunniting during repairs.

However, by applying Sunanda’s plaster bonding agent as a bonding layer before gunniting, Bengaluru’s Phoenix Mall of Asia overcame this challenge.

This approach not only improved bond strength but also reduced rebound loss during the restoration process.

Preserving Phoenix Mall of Asia for the Future:

Thanks to the successful restoration project, Phoenix Mall of Asia in Bangalore is now a symbol to the seamless integration of heritage preservation and modernity.

Sunanda Global’s bonding agent for plaster played a pivotal role in achieving this delicate balance. The achieved balance allowed thousands of visitors to cherish the landmark for generations to come.


The restoration of Bengaluru’s Phoenix Mall of Asia exemplifies a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Sunanda Global’s bonding agent for plaster proved to be an indispensable tool for skilled contractors. The indispensability preserved the Mall of Asia while ushering in a new era of architectural excellence.

The Phoenix Mall of Asia in Bengaluru project is a testament to the enduring partnership between craftsmanship and Sunanda Global’s cutting-edge technology. This partnership ensures that the past remains alive in the present and future.