Introduction to Adarsh Developers:

Adarsh Developers has been a prominent presence in Bengaluru’s real estate since 1988, consistently bringing forth outstanding developments across residential, commercial, and hospitality domains.

With a focus on quality and innovation, they sought solutions to enhance the longevity and durability of their constructions.

They recognized the need for effective crack fillers to combat structural challenges.

Therefore, they partnered with Sunanda Global, a renowned construction chemical provider, to elevate their project’s standards.

Adarsh Developers

Addressing Construction Challenges for Adarsh Developers:

Maintaining structural integrity is essential in the dynamic landscape of construction.

Adarsh Developers encountered common issues such as cracking and surface deterioration in their residential, hospitality, and commercial projects.

The obstacles presented significant risks to the durability and security of their structures.

In response to these apprehensions, they pursued innovative measures, opting for elastomeric acrylic crack fillers provided by Sunanda Global.

Partnership with Sunanda Global:

Sunanda Global emerged as a trusted ally in Adarsh Developer’s quest for innovative construction solutions.

With a rich portfolio of elastomeric acrylic crack fillers, Sunanda Global offered tailored products designed to meet their specific needs.

The partnership between Adarsh Developers and Sunanda Global represented a noteworthy achievement in the construction sector, establishing new benchmarks for quality and resilience.

The Solution:

After evaluating Sunanda Global’s elastomeric acrylic crack fillers, Adarsh Developers began revolutionizing construction practices in Bengaluru.

These advanced crack fillers, characterized by their flexibility, impermeability, and superior adhesion properties, proved to be the perfect remedy for addressing cracks and surface imperfections.

Unlike traditional methods, Sunanda Global’s elastomeric acrylic crack fillers provide long-lasting results without primers or lengthy curing processes.

Application Process:

Adarsh Developers found integrating Sunanda Global’s elastomeric acrylic crack fillers a smooth and effortless endeavour.

Following meticulous surface preparation, including thorough cleaning and moisture treatment, they applied crack fillers using precise tools, striving for optimal results.

The streamlined application procedure facilitated the effective repair of cracks, guaranteeing a seamless surface ready for subsequent coats of paint.

Results and Impact:

Implementing Sunanda Global’s elastomeric acrylic crack fillers notably enhanced Adarsh Developers’ projects.

These innovative solutions tackled pre-existing cracks and surface flaws and bolstered the overall resilience and longevity of the structures.

Adarsh Developers secured their investments by mitigating the potential for structural decay while also honouring their pledge to ensure top-notch quality in each project.

Future Implications for Adarsh Developers:

The success of Sunanda Global’s elastomeric acrylic crack fillers in Adarsh Developers’ projects sets a precedent for future construction in Bengaluru and beyond.

As the industry sector progresses, pioneering approaches will be essential in surmounting obstacles and elevating benchmarks.

The collaboration between Adarsh Developers and Sunanda Global highlights the significance of working together and fostering innovation to facilitate beneficial transformations in the construction industry.


Adopting elastomeric acrylic crack fillers from Sunanda Global, Adarsh Developers signals a construction paradigm shift.

They have reaffirmed their position as a leader in Bengaluru’s real estate landscape by prioritizing quality, durability, and innovation.

Persistently shaping construction’s trajectory, they establish sustainability standards through alliances, dedication, and superior performance.