Case study Of Aether Industries Ltd – Cementitious Waterproofing Coatings

Aether Industries Ltd Project:

Aether Industries Limited, located in Gujarat, is one of the top worldwide producers of fine and specialty chemicals and active substances – the preferred provider of Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS).

They were facing problems with water leakages in their various unit and required an effective waterproofing solution.


Sunanda Global, a leading construction chemicals manufacturer, was approached to provide a solution. 

Sunanda Global suggested using their Acrylic Polymeric Cementitious Waterproofing Coating, which has already proven successful in various industrial and commercial projects.

The concrete channel construction has to be protected from sulphate and water damage.

The recommended solution, an externally applied acrylic polymer waterproofing coating, is efficient and cost-effective.

The use of carbonation, protective boards, and cement mortar screeds protects the installed coating against mechanical damage.

This waterproofing coating is a highly effective and reliable solution that has been extensively tested and proven to work. 

It is simple to combine with cement to create an alkaline, compatible, impermeable co-matrix film. 

With these properties, this coating will provide long-lasting protection for the concrete channel construction against sulphate and water damage.

The coating was applied in multiple layers to ensure complete coverage and a 1.5 to 2 mm thickness.


After implementing the acrylic polymer waterproofing, Aether Industries Ltd.’s various units were utterly water-tight. 

The coatings provided a seamless and durable finish to the surface and showed excellent adhesion and flexibility. 

The client and contractors were satisfied with the quality of the work and appreciated the expertise and professionalism of Sunanda Global’s team.