The LB Nagar Flyover Project:

New multi-level flyovers received clearance from the GHMC Commissioner B. Janardhan Reddy and the standing committee presided over by Mayor B. Rammohan.

The GHMC decided to call for tenders under the EPC – engineering. One of those was L.B. Nagar’s multi-level flyover.

The objective of this project was to protect the concrete flyover from harsh environmental conditions and to prevent carbonation of the concrete.

LB nagar flyover

The Application:

The application process for the GHMC project involved selecting a project monitoring agency to oversee the supervision, quality control, and audit of the construction works through a tendering process.

In addition, the GHMC engineer and project management team showed their trust in Sunanda Global’s protective and anti-carbonation coatings by selecting them for use on the concrete flyover.

The decision likely relied on the Sunanda Global’s coatings‘ reputation for providing reliable and long-lasting protection against environmental factors such as moisture, carbonation, and corrosion.

Furthermore, the choice hinged on the coatings’ reliable reputation for protecting against moisture, carbonation, and corrosion.


The LB Nagar flyover project officials were more than happy with Sunanda Global’s products, indicating they were high quality and met their expectations.

Additionally, the officials were impressed with the durability and effectiveness of the products.

The conclusion suggests Sunanda Global is a reliable and reputable supplier of products for construction projects such as the LB Nagar flyover.