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Anti-Rust Primer: Priming for a Rust-Free Future

Steel stands as the indomitable backbone of our modern world, fortifying the structural integrity of bridges, buildings, and many other constructions. However, rust poses a persistent threat, corroding its strength and jeopardizing the safety of our infrastructure. This article delves into the world of anti-rust primers, exploring their significance and showcasing a groundbreaking solution – Polyalk Fixoprime from Sunanda Global. We’ll also explore another anti-corrosion coating and rust remover manufactured by Sunanda Global, Rusticide, for a more comprehensive understanding.

Understanding Rust

Rust, technically iron oxide, forms when iron reacts with oxygen and moisture in an electrochemical process. This reaction creates a weak, flaky material that expands and results in section loss of the underlying steel. Factors like humidity, salt exposure, and acidic environments accelerate rust formation. Left unchecked, it can lead to catastrophic failures, highlighting the importance of proactive anti-rust coating.

Anti-Rust Primers

Anti-rust primers act as a barrier between steel and the environment, blocking the elements that trigger rust. They come in various types, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a breakdown of some common options:

  • Alkyd primers: These traditional, oil-based primers are now considered outdated and offer limited rust protection. They have a strong odor and require long drying times in addition to being poor in performance.
  • Zinc primers: Containing zinc pigment, these primers provide excellent galvanic protection. When the steel gets scratched, zinc corrodes first, sacrificing itself to shield the steel. However, their efficiency depends on the binder used. If the binder/resin is of poor quality then these primers have limited efficacy. However, using a good quality binder like epoxy for zinc-based primers can be ideal for harsher environments.
  • Epoxy primers: Known for their durability and adhesion, they form a tough, chemical-resistant layer. However, they require meticulous surface preparation and are more expensive.

Polyalk Fixoprime

Sunanda Global’s Polyalk Fixoprime stands out as a unique and effective anti-rust primer. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • One-Pack System: Polyalk Fixoprime simplifies application with its single-pack design, effortlessly integrating with cement to form a highly alkaline co-matrix. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and convenience, eliminating the complexities associated with multi-component primers.
  • Enhanced Protection: The high alkalinity of Polyalk Fixoprime, coupled with specially engineered polymers, delivers exceptional adhesion to steel. Unlike epoxy-coated bars, which may suffer bond loss over time, Polyalk Fixoprime maintains a robust connection for enduring protection against corrosion.
  • Site-Applied Convenience: With Polyalk Fixoprime, steel protection can be seamlessly executed on-site, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to construction projects. By obviating the need for pre-coated bars, Polyalk Fixoprime accelerates the construction timeline while ensuring consistent and reliable corrosion protection.


The most important aspect of steel protection prior to applying anti-rust primers is preparing the steel surface. Applying coatings on rusted steel renders the protection useless. Consequently, removing all existing rust from the steel surface before applying the anti-rust coatings is even more critical than the actual coating itself. Sunanda Global also offers Rusticide, a product specifically designed to tackle existing rust. This chemical treatment removes rust particles, preparing the steel surface for the application of an anti-rust primer like Polyalk Fixoprime for long-term protection.

  • Rust Removal: Rusticide boasts a potent chemical formulation designed to dissolve and eliminate rust particles from steel surfaces. By effectively stripping away existing corrosion, Rusticide facilitates the restoration of the steel substrate to its pristine condition, ensuring optimal adhesion and performance of subsequent protective coatings.
  • Surface Preparation: Beyond rust removal, Rusticide plays a pivotal role in surface preparation, priming steel substrates for the application of anti-rust primers. By promoting clean, corrosion-free surfaces, Rusticide enhances the bonding capacity of protective coatings, maximizing their efficacy in combating future rust formation.
  • Compatibility with Polyalk Fixoprime: Rusticide seamlessly integrates with Sunanda Global’s Polyalk Fixoprime, forming a synergistic system for comprehensive steel protection. The combined use of Rusticide and Polyalk Fixoprime ensures a robust defense against corrosion, safeguarding steel structures with long-lasting durability and resilience.

Applications of Anti-Rust Primers

Anti-rust primers like Polyalk Fixoprime and rust prevention coatings like Rusticide find use in various applications, including:

  • Construction: Protecting steel reinforcement bars and structural steel elements in concrete structures, especially in bridges, buildings, and marine environments. Here, Rusticide can be used to treat existing rust on rebars before applying Polyalk Fixoprime for long-lasting protection.
  • Industrial Settings: Safeguarding steel tanks, pipes, and machinery exposed to harsh chemicals or moisture. Both Polyalk Fixoprime and Rusticide can play a role here, with Rusticide addressing existing rust and Polyalk Fixoprime preventing future corrosion.
  • Automotive Industry: Priming car bodies and undercarriages with Polyalk Fixoprime can prevent rust from compromising structural integrity. Rusticide can be used for pre-treatment on areas with existing rust before applying the primer.
  • Metal Fabrication: Creating a corrosion-resistant base for various metalwork projects. Polyalk Fixoprime provides a strong foundation, while Rusticide can address any surface rust before application.

Choosing the Right Anti-Rust Solution

When selecting an anti-rust solution, consider these factors:

  • Substrate: Different metals require compatible solutions. Ensure the chosen product is suitable for steel.
  • Environment: Will the steel be exposed to moisture, salt, or chemicals? Choose a primer or treatment with appropriate resistance.
  • Application: Consider factors like ease of application, drying time, and compatibility with subsequent coatings for Polyalk Fixoprime, and ease of use for Rusticide.
  • Existing Rust: If the steel already has rust, a two-pronged approach is recommended. Use Rusticide to remove the existing rust particles, followed by application of Polyalk Fixoprime for long-term protection.
  • Cost: Balance budget with desired performance and lifespan.

Conclusion: Investing in Steel’s Longevity

In safeguarding steel against corrosion, beyond priming and rust removal, a comprehensive approach includes thorough surface preparation to eliminate contaminants, followed by the application of compatible top coats for enhanced protection. Regular maintenance, including inspection for damage and prompt repairs, is essential to prevent rust formation and ensure long-term durability.

By understanding the science of rust and utilizing effective anti-rust solutions like Polyalk Fixoprime and Rusticide from Sunanda Global, the best waterproofing company and best protective coating manufacturer, we can significantly extend the lifespan of steel structures. Remember, a proactive approach towards rust prevention saves time and money and ensures steel infrastructure’s safety and longevity.

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