Case study of Aether Industries Ltd – PU Waterproofing

The project & problem:

Aether Industries Ltd., located in Surat, Gujarat, is India’s leading chemical manufacturing company. 

The company had been experiencing several issues with its roof, wet areas, underground structures, and water retaining structures due to water leakage. 

The company was searching for a long-term solution to provide durable and reliable waterproofing for its facility.

Aether Industries Ltd. Solution – PU Waterproofing

The company chose Sunanda Global’s liquid-applied PU waterproofing membrane solution as the best solution for their problems.

The PU Waterproofing Application for Aether Industries Ltd:

The owner of the Project asked Sunanda Global to provide a durable waterproofing solution that fulfills most of their requirements. 

Sunanda Global’s team of experts assessed the facility’s requirements and provided a customised solution to address the company’s specific needs. 

The applications for Sunanda’s liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane solution are wide-ranging and versatile, owing to its exceptional characteristics and performance.

They extensively utilised Sunanda Global’s waterproofing membrane for the entire waterproofing activity, including the roof, wet areas, underground structure, and water retaining structure (such as OHWT, UHWT, ETPs, and STPs) in their chemical plant.

Benefits of Sunanda Global’s PU waterproofing membrane:

Sunanda Global’s liquid PU waterproofing membrane solution provided several benefits to Aether Industries Ltd. 

The key advantage of the Elastoroof PU solution is its ability to create a strong, thick, long-lasting, and flexible membrane, eliminating the need for a reinforcing layer. This makes it an ideal solution for water-retaining structures, where durability and strength are paramount. 

Additionally, this solution provides seamless waterproofing, unlike sheet-type membranes, which can have seams and joints that can become potential weak points.

Another critical aspect of waterproofing membrane solution is its strong adherence to the surface of concrete, which ensures that the membrane remains firmly in place, even under extreme temperature conditions. 

This flexibility is essential in areas with frequent fluctuations in temperature, as the membrane needs to expand and contract without losing its integrity.


Sunanda Global’s Elastoroof PU solution provided a long-lasting and durable waterproofing solution for Aether Industries Ltd. 

Sunanda Global’s team of experts ensured that they met the facility’s specific requirements by providing a customised solution.

The performance in the ETP and STPs impressed the clients, where there is exposure to a range of industrial chemicals and solvents.