Case study of Al Yaqoub Tower in Dubai

WATERPROOFING OF BUILDING STRUCTURES for Al Yaqoub Tower tall building in Dubai
Al Yaqoub Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The tower reached its peak in 2010 and was completed in 2013.


The Project:

The Al Yaqoub Tower is a 328 m (1,076 ft) tall skyscraper on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with 69 floors. The tower topped out in 2010 and got completed in 2013. The building is owned privately by Daro Saifuddin Yaquob and is a 224-room hotel.

Elizabeth Tower (more commonly known as Big Ben) in London inspired the building design. You won’t find any clock face present on Al Yaqoub Tower, and the structure resembles The Tower, located in the north direction.

The Application:

An innovative and cost-effective waterproofing system maintained watertight protection for the Al-Yaquob tower. There had to be compatibility of the waterproofing system with water, consisting of elastomeric cementitious coating and crack filler. 

The contractors coated abrasion-resistant epoxy coatings for the car parking floor. The contractors applied anti-carbonation coatings to the walls, providing breathability properties, which allow the water vapour collected in the structure to escape.

Moreover, the car parking area was enhanced with a visually appealing decorative finish achieved through the use of a variety of attractive coating colours.


We conducted various quality assurance tests to ensure the building had an adequate protective system.

These included tests for the tower to ensure water tightness. Once the results were successful, the client affirmed that the building had an adequate protective system. 

Sunanda Global, the company responsible for providing the waterproofing solution, is known for its cost-effective solutions focusing on technical synergy, superb execution, and long-term durability.