Introduction to Cochin Port:

Cochin Port is a vital maritime hub on the Arabian Sea – Laccadive Sea – Indian Ocean route, within Kerala’s Ernakulam district in Kochi, Kerala.

Famous as one of India’s premier and largest ports, it is the nation’s first inaugural transshipment port.

Perched upon the tranquil waters of Vembanadu Lake, it spans Willingdon Island and Vallarpadam. It is strategically located where the Fort Kochi River meets the Laccadive Sea.

Its crown jewel, the International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT), ranks India’s largest facility, facilitating seamless cargo transfers.

Under the governance of the Cochin Port Authority (CoPA), an entity established by the Government of India in 1928, the port boasts a storied history spanning over nine decades of steadfast service.

In Kochi’s maritime-centric ecosystem, it shares the limelight with other vital establishments such as:

  • The renowned Cochin Shipyard, the country’s foremost shipbuilding and maintenance facility
  • The offshore crude carrier mooring facility of Kochi Refineries at SPM (single point mooring)
  • The scenic Kochi Marina

Cochin Port

Innovative Protection for Maritime Infrastructure:

With its state-of-the-art facilities and strategic location, Cochin Port is a beacon of trade and commerce in South India.

Amidst the dynamic landscape of maritime infrastructure, the port needs robust corrosion protection measures.

The relentless exposure to saline environments poses a significant threat to concrete structures, jeopardizing their integrity and longevity.

As a vital artery of trade, the port demanded a corrosion protection solution that could withstand the harsh marine environment while ensuring the longevity of its infrastructure.

Acknowledging the challenge, Sunanda Global provided its innovative corrosion inhibiting admixture to fortify the port against corrosion.

Tailored Solution for Cochin Port:

Sunanda Global’s concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture emerged as the ideal choice. It provided unparalleled protection against corrosion for the entire structure of Cochin Port.

This admixture uses cutting-edge technology to create a single-molecule shield on steel surfaces, protecting against chloride ion corrosion and concrete carbonation.

With its potent penetration and eco-friendly formulation, this admixture offers simultaneous cathodic and anodic protection to steel, fortifying the port against corrosion.

Seamless Integration and Application:

One key advantage of Sunanda’s corrosion-inhibiting admixture is its seamless integration into the construction process.

Whether added during concrete mixing or at the job site, this admixture ensures compatibility with other materials, ensuring optimal performance without compromising concrete properties.

The versatility enabled efficient corrosion protection in Cochin Port, ensuring enhanced durability.

Ensuring Long-Term Sustainability For Cochin Port:

In the quest for sustainable infrastructure, one must uphold the importance of long-term durability.

By deploying Sunanda’s corrosion inhibiting admixture, Cochin Port not only safeguards its structures against immediate corrosion threats but also paves the way for enduring sustainability.

Unlike traditional methods requiring extensive maintenance, this innovative admixture proactively extends the service life of maritime infrastructure.

Its high alkalinity and chloride resistance offer a strong defense against corrosion, securing Cochin Port’s efficiency for future generations.

Driving Economic Growth and Resilience For Cochin Port:

Beyond its role in corrosion protection, Sunanda’s concrete penetrating solution at Cochin Port catalyzes economic growth and resilience.

Fortifying maritime infrastructure instills confidence among stakeholders, attracts investment, and fosters trade partnerships.

Cochin Port’s sturdy structures decrease maintenance costs and downtime, thus enhancing operational efficiency and strengthening its global competitiveness.

Moreover, Cochin Port sets a precedent for responsible infrastructure development by prioritizing sustainability and resilience, inspiring similar initiatives worldwide.


In the ever-evolving landscape of maritime infrastructure, the importance of implementing robust corrosion protection measures cannot be overstated.

Sunanda Global’s concrete-penetrating corrosion-inhibiting admixture proactively protects critical infrastructure from corrosion, making it a beacon of innovation.

Through its seamless integration, unparalleled effectiveness, and long-term sustainability, this admixture revolutionizes corrosion protection, safeguarding maritime infrastructure like Cochin Port for future generations.