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We are happy as our CMD, Dr. S. K. Manjrekar moderated the ‘India Session’ at the 24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge”.

It was a global conference organized by ACI (American Concrete Institute) and co-hosted by ACI’s International chapters and partners from 13th July 21 to 14th July 21.

Our CMD, Dr. S. K. Manjrekar, moderated the session on 14th July 21 at 1.30 pm.

24 Hours of Concrete Knowledge is a complimentary virtual conference. The conference unites 24 ACI chapters and partners to jointly host, moderate, and involve concrete professionals from their respective regions.

These professionals discuss the latest research, trends, and studies emerging from the concrete industry. This conference allowed individuals worldwide to learn more about concrete construction, design, and repair.

All those interested in expanding their knowledge in these areas attended the conference.

The conference strongly emphasized the diverse global concrete community by showcasing a wide range of presentation topics and methodologies.

It reaffirmed the principle that innovative ideas for enhancing concrete technology emerge from all corners of the world.

ACI international chapters and global industry partners collaborated as co-hosts and moderators for different conference sections. They engaged concrete experts from their respective regions to deliver presentations on important concrete topics specific to their areas.

Each of the 24 co-hosts contributed to this virtual journey worldwide by providing two recorded presentations and hosting live question-and-answer sessions.

After the event, the ACI granted attendees exclusive access to recordings of all 48 presentations.

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