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The Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) conferred Dr. Surendra Manjrekar was conferred with the ‘Industry Doyen’ Vishwakarma Award.

This prestigious accolade not only commends Dr. Manjrekar’s outstanding contributions but also underscores the indispensable role of visionaries in propelling the industry forward.

Dr. Surendra Manjrekar, a luminary in the construction domain, serves as a beacon of inspiration for his unwavering dedication and transformative impact on the sector.

The ‘Industry Doyen’ Vishwakarma Award stands as a symbol of the zenith of achievement and leadership within the construction industry, marking the apex of his illustrious career.

CIDC, renowned for promoting excellence and innovation, meticulously selects recipients for the Vishwakarma Award.

The term ‘Industry Doyen’ encapsulates Dr. Manjrekar’s status as a revered figure in the field, embodying wisdom, experience, and a profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies.

In an industry where innovation and expertise are paramount, Dr. Manjrekar has emerged as a paragon of excellence. His visionary approach and strategic insights have not only propelled his own endeavors but have also significantly contributed to the industry’s growth and evolution.

The Vishwakarma Award acknowledges his enduring impact and commitment to advancing the construction sector.

Beyond a mere acknowledgment of professional achievements, the Vishwakarma Award symbolizes the collective recognition of industry peers, experts, and leaders who appreciate

Dr. Manjrekar’s pivotal role in steering the construction sector to unprecedented heights. This recognition reflects CIDC’s unwavering commitment to honoring those who have made substantial contributions to the industry’s development.

Dr. Manjrekar’s journey in the construction industry epitomizes the essence of the Vishwakarma Award. His career, marked by innovation, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, aligns seamlessly with the values upheld by CIDC.

The ‘Industry Doyen’ designation encapsulates not only his individual accomplishments but also his role as a guiding force for the industry at large.

The dynamic nature of the construction industry relies on stalwarts like Dr. Manjrekar to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

The Vishwakarma Award, through its association with the term ‘Industry Doyen,’ acknowledges the collective responsibility of seasoned professionals in steering the industry toward sustainable growth and resilience.

As the recipient of the ‘Industry Doyen’ Vishwakarma Award, Dr. Surendra Manjrekar stands at the pinnacle of recognition within the construction sector.

This prestigious accolade, conferred by CIDC, not only celebrates his individual accomplishments but also underscores the critical role of industry leaders in shaping the present and future of construction.

The ‘Industry Doyen’ Vishwakarma Award bestowed upon Dr. Surendra Manjrekar by the Construction Industry Development Council serves as a testament to his outstanding contributions and leadership in the construction sector.

This recognition, steeped in the ethos of industry excellence, reinforces the pivotal role played by visionary individuals in steering the industry toward innovation, growth, and sustainability.

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    The potential of digital technology is impossible — and imprudent — to ignore. Though the construction industry hasn’t always shown enthusiasm in adopting these advances, that traditional mindset is beginning to change. There is even the opportunity to study online.

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