Coromandel Fertilizers Project Description:

Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of fertilizers in India. The company’s plant is in the coastal region of Hyderabad, Telangana, where the climate is hot and humid. The plant’s structure is made of reinforced concrete, requiring protection from cracks and leakages.

The company needed a cost-effective waterproofing solution to prevent water ingress and protect the critical structures of the plant.

The Application:

The structure of Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd demanded absolute watertightness against water penetration. 

The contractors selected Sunanda Global’s acrylic polymeric cementitious waterproofing coating as the solution for waterproofing the concrete structure of the above fertilizer plant.

The contractors chose the product because of its high waterproofing capabilities, durability, and ease of application.

The product has high flexural strength, and its extraordinary polymer adhesion reinforces the cementitious matrix’s high compressive strength property.


The application of Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coating provided a highly effective waterproofing solution for Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd. The waterproofing coatings successfully sealed all the cracks and leaks in the concrete substrate and prevented water ingress into the plant’s equipment and machinery.

The product’s durability ensured long-lasting protection against water damage and reduced maintenance costs for the plant.