Coromandel International Limited Background:

Coromandel International Limited operates in an aggressive environment where the salinity levels surpass those found in seawater, posing a significant threat to the integrity of concrete structures.

Coromandel, a prominent agri-solutions company based in Hyderabad, Telangana, sought innovative solutions to protect their concrete structures from the corrosive effects of chloride ions in a challenging environment.

To address this challenge, Sunanda Global supplied their advanced bipolar concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.


Sunanda Global’s admixture, designed to protect against corrosion induced by chloride ions and concrete carbonation, played a pivotal role in safeguarding Coromandel International Limited’s structures.

The admixture forms a uni-molecular protective layer on the steel surface, providing simultaneous cathodic and anodic protection.

This ensures the longevity and durability of steel-reinforced concrete structures, including piers, piles, dock structures, bridges, highways, chlorinating plants, sewerage systems, and more.


The application of Sunanda Global’s bipolar concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture provides several advantages, including high penetrating power, compatibility with other admixtures, and no adverse effects on the properties of hardened concrete or grout.

The technology is effective even in the presence of high chloride concentrations, making it a reliable solution for challenging environments.

Notably, the admixture is eco-friendly, free from nitrites and chromates, and offers high alkalinity, providing additional protection to steel structures.

Instructions for Use:

Implementing the admixture is a straightforward process.

When mixing cement, sand, and aggregates, add it to the batch water.

It offers flexibility in its application, as you can incorporate it at the concrete plant or on-site.

The admixture is compatible with other Sunanda admixtures, emphasizing ease of use for contractors and ensuring its seamless integration into various construction projects.

Results for Coromandel International Limited project:

The successful implementation of Sunanda Global’s technology led to an extended service life of Coromandel International Limited’s structures.

The admixture demonstrated its effectiveness in providing robust protection against corrosion, contributing to the overall sustainability of the structures.

This outcome is crucial for industries like agro-chemical industries, where the reliability and durability of infrastructure are paramount.


The collaboration between Coromandel International Limited and Sunanda Global showcases the importance of adopting advanced technologies to address specific challenges in the construction industry.

The use of Sunanda Global’s bipolar concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture not only protected against corrosion but also contributed to the environmental sustainability of the structures.

This case study highlights the significance of proactive measures in ensuring the longevity and resilience of concrete structures in diverse and demanding environments.

By choosing Sunanda Global’s advanced corrosion inhibiting admixture, Coromandel International Limited demonstrates a commitment to excellence and innovation in construction practices.

This case study demonstrates how the industry can set a precedent by successfully applying cutting-edge technology to enhance the durability of concrete structures.