Case study of Sardar Patel Bridge in Surat

The Sardar Patel Bridge Project:

The Sardar Patel Bridge is a landmark structure in Ahmedabad, India.

The four-lane bridge was constructed over the Tapi River in Surat, Gujarat, in 1985/1991.

The bridge had undergone some wear and tear over the years. The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) decided to undertake repair and beautification work on the bridge to enhance its durability and appearance.

The Application:

Regarding the project’s material procurement, the committee in charge opted to hire a consultant firm to provide expert guidance and advice. 

After thorough evaluation and analysis, the project authorities and the firm decided to use Sunanda Global’s products.

This was because Sunanda Global’s products could meet all of the project’s specific requirements while offering a diverse range of options for protective coatings.


The products used for this project delighted the SMC team.

The use of protective coatings provided an excellent solution for the repair and beautification of the Sardar Patel Bridge.

The protective coatings provide excellent protection against weathering and environmental pollution, which will enhance the durability of the bridge. The coating also gave the bridge a fresh, new look, adding to the structure’s overall aesthetic appeal..

Ultimately, the project team deemed Sunanda Global’s products the most suitable and advantageous choice for completing the project.