Zuari Bridge Project:

The new Zuari eight-lane project is one of India’s most expansive cable-stayed bridges.

The development of the new eight-lane Zuari bridge posed several difficulties concerning tough soil, predicted on-point and high wind speeds, and vastly corrosive weather that the bridge must witness once constructed.


zuari bridge in goa

The Application:

For the above particular reasons, the corrosion inhibitor admixture technology of Sunanda Global was selected for securing the entire bridge in Goa.

Sunanda Global’s solution was preferred due to the simultaneous cathodic and anodic protection of steel, high penetrating power results in the total safeguarding of rebars or PT tendons offered by the corrosion inhibitor admixture technology.


These admixtures guard the steel against corrosion and assure long-term durability.

The crew was fortunate with the corrosion inhibitor admixture application and utilized it for the above project’s duration.