corrosion resistance

A recent article in the Economic Times highlighted that India experiences annual losses amounting to USD 10 billion due to corrosion-related issues in various projects across industries. Corrosion is a serious problem that compromises the structural integrity and longevity of assets in various industries. 

In this blog, we will explore the concept of corrosion, delve into the critical importance of corrosion resistance, examine its impact, and introduce seven key products designed for effective corrosion protection.

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural process that results in the gradual degradation and deterioration of metals, due to chemical or electrochemical reactions with their surrounding environment. It occurs when metals react with elements like oxygen, water, acids, or salts, leading to the formation of oxides or other compounds on their surface. In the construction industry, the most common form of corrosion is rusting, seen in iron and steel when it reacts with oxygen and moisture. This process not only affects the aesthetic appearance of structures but more critically, weakens their structural integrity. Corrosion can be accelerated by factors such as environmental conditions like humidity and salinity, the presence of chemicals, and high temperatures. 

Why is Corrosion Protection Important?

Corrosion protection is vital for several reasons:

Structural Integrity

Corrosion weakens steel used in building construction, leading to structural failures. Protective measures ensure the strength and stability of buildings, bridges, and other civil assets and infrastructure. 


By preventing corrosion, the risk of accidents and failures that can result in injuries or fatalities is significantly reduced.

Economic Savings

Corrosion leads to costly repairs, maintenance, and replacements. Protective measures extend the lifespan of assets, thereby saving money in the long run.

Operational Efficiency

Equipment and structures free from corrosion operate more effectively and reliably, ensuring smoother and uninterrupted processes in various industries.

Environmental Protection

Corroded materials can leak harmful substances. Corrosion protection helps in preventing environmental contamination.

7 Products for Corrosion Resistance of Steel used in the construction of RCC and Steel Structures


Rusticide is a versatile and effective solution designed for the removal and prevention of rust in both new and existing construction projects. It’s specifically formulated to treat reinforcement steel and structural steel in new structures. It can also be used for repairing embedded steel in existing structures. Its application extends to a variety of steel structures, including tanks, water, and effluent steel pipelines, as well as structural components like trusses, purlins, and rafters. This product stands out by offering outstanding rust removal capabilities in a single operation making it an ideal choice for perfect surface preparation as the first step of an anti-corrosive treatment system.


Polyalk Fixoprime excels in protecting exposed steel in structural repairs and coating reinforcement bars in RCC structures, making it particularly valuable in harsh marine environments for use in steel pipelines, bridges, and arches. It’s also ideal for pre-stressing applications for H.T. wires, cables, and strands. Its high alkalinity mirrors that of cement, ensuring high flexural strength and extra adhesion. A significant benefit of Polyalk Fixoprime is that coated bars maintain their bond when embedded in concrete, enhancing the durability and integrity of the structure.


Polyalk CP 113 is a robust protective solution for RCC and steel structures in marine environments, offering dual cathodic and anodic protection against corrosion. It deeply penetrates to safeguard rebars from all angles, enhancing the durability and effectiveness of RCC repairs, even in high chloride conditions. Eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals like nitrites and chromates, Polyalk CP 113 is an environmentally safe and sustainable option for modern construction.


Polyalk CP 293 is an advanced protective solution for steel-reinforced concrete in marine environments. Ideal for piers, piles, and concrete docks, as well as bridges and sewerage systems, it provides both cathodic and anodic protection, effectively safeguarding steel rebars. With high penetrating power, it ensures total rebar protection, maintains the quality of hardened concrete, and is effective even with high chlorides. Eco-friendly, nitrite and chromate-free, and alkaline in nature, Polyalk CP 293 is perfect for preserving concrete structures in corrosive environments.


Sunpugard is a versatile and robust coating solution, ideal for concrete surfaces and metal structures. It provides excellent anti-carbonation and chemical resistance, along with UV protection, ensuring long-term durability against environmental elements. Its strong adhesion and abrasion-resistant film make it suitable for a variety of surfaces. Particularly effective for MS pipelines and structural steel, Sunpugard is the go-to choice for industrial and infrastructure protection against corrosion and wear.


Sunepoxy ZP primer is a versatile epoxy primer, ideal for protecting structural steel, pipes, tank exteriors, bridges, and offshore platforms. It’s well-suited for a range of industries, including petrochemicals, refinery, fertilizer, power plants, and more. Offering excellent water and corrosion resistance in polluted and saline conditions, it adheres well to steel and non-ferrous metals. Compatible with various top-coats, this primer is a comprehensive solution for ensuring long-lasting protection in harsh industrial and marine settings.


Sunepoxy Zinc Rich is a specialized anti-corrosive treatment designed for exposed steel in structural repairs and steel structures. It forms a strong bond with metal and enhances the adhesion of subsequent coatings. This product is highly resistant to solvents and chemicals, making it suitable for diverse environments. Versatile for both shop and field applications, Sunepoxy Zinc Rich offers effective, reliable protection against corrosion, thereby increasing the lifespan and durability of metal structures in industrial and infrastructure settings.


The importance of anti-rust coating and corrosion protection across construction projects cannot be overstated. With the right approach and technologies, we can effectively mitigate the risks associated with corrosion, ensuring the durability and reliability of structures in our increasingly industrialized world. Embracing these solutions is a crucial step towards sustainable and efficient operations in any sector affected by corrosion.