Case study of Cosmos, Jasminium, Iris Towers in Magarpatta Township in Pune – Exterior Paint

Introduction to Magarpatta:

Magarpatta, spanning 450 acres, is a gated community in the Hadapsar locality of Pune, India.

This comprehensive community features commercial and residential zones, a specialized hospital, vibrant shopping districts.

It also has dining establishments, fitness facilities, the sprawling Aditi Garden spanning 25 acres, and educational institutions.

A notable aspect is its expansive green spaces, constituting 30% (precisely 32.6%) of the total area.

Among its prominent landmarks is the “Destination Centre,” a bustling commercial complex within its confines.

Construction commenced in 2000, and the development continues to evolve with the addition of newer residential developments.

It garnered praise and recognition during the 2008 Sydney World Congress of Metropolis.

The Maharashtra Economic Development Council, listed Magarpatta City in the ‘Top 10 success stories of the State.’

Currently, this township symbolizes excellence in construction, pioneering design concepts, and meticulous urban planning.

It stands as the sole operational township under private management in India.

The township is hailed as an extraordinary reality, brought into being through flawless foresight and exceptional implementation.

Magarpatta Magarpatta Township

Unveiling the Need for Advanced Coatings:

Magarpatta offers a range of residential towers tailored to diverse needs and income brackets.

Each tower is named after a distinct flower species.

Here, amidst the residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, stand the Cosmos, Jasminium, and Iris Towers – iconic structures that symbolize modern living.

S.No. Residential Tower  Configuration Total No of Buildings
1 Cosmos 2 and 3 BHK 24 buildings
2 Jasminium 2 and 3 BHK 31 buildings
3 Iris 2 BHK 20 buildings

Facing the challenges of extreme climatic conditions like heavy rainfall, high humidity, and scorching heat, the need for robust exterior coatings became imperative.

With the township prone to adverse weather conditions, investing in coatings that could withstand the test of time was imperative.

Additionally, with the township’s commitment to sustainability and environment, coatings with heat insulation and energy efficiency properties were highly sought after.

The selection of suitable exterior coatings for the Cosmos, Jasminium, and Iris Towers was difficult due to several options available in the market .

Sunanda Global, a top player in exterior coatings, stepped in with its acrylic coatings that meet stringent criteria and offer decorative appeal, waterproofing, and heat insulation.

Sunanda Global’s Entry into Magarpatta Township:

Sunanda’s journey with Magarpatta Township began with a shared vision of innovation and excellence.

The project team approached Sunanda to provide solutions for the Cosmos, Jasminium, and Iris Towers due to its established reputation for delivering high-performance coatings globally.

Sunanda proposed its acrylic exterior coatings to enhance tower aesthetics and provide superior protection against water ingress, UV radiation, and thermal fluctuations.

This marked the beginning of a transformative partnership to elevate the standards of exterior coatings in Magarpatta Township.

Application and Implementation:

The contractors applied the coatings to the external surfaces of the Cosmos, Jasminium, and Iris Towers, ensuring uniform coverage and adherence to quality standards.

They seamlessly integrated coatings into the existing architecture, enhancing the tower’s beauty while providing unparalleled protection against external elements.

These coatings, designed to withstand the rigours of the environment, boasted exceptional waterproofing properties, ensuring that the towers remained impervious to moisture infiltration.

Additionally, the coating’s heat insulation properties helped maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, reducing the reliance on artificial cooling systems and contributing to energy efficiency.

Results and Impact for Jasminium, Iris Towers in Magarpatta:

The transformation brought about by Sunanda’s acrylic exterior coatings was nothing short of remarkable.

The Cosmos, Jasminium, and Iris Towers emerged as beacons of modernity and resilience.

Their facades were adorned with vibrant colours and sleek finishes.

More importantly, the coatings withstood heavy rainfall, scorching heat, and high humidity without compromising performance.

Therefore, the coatings proved their mettle in the face of nature’s fury.

The residents of Magarpatta Township marveled at the newfound elegance of their surroundings, while the developers applauded the durability and longevity of Sunanda Global’s coatings.


The partnership forged between Sunanda Global and Magarpatta Township heralds a groundbreaking transformation in the domain of exterior coatings.

Sunanda Global has redefined the standards of protection and aesthetics in construction by leveraging innovative technologies and a commitment to excellence.

The power of these advanced coatings have transformed spaces and enriched lives in the Cosmos, Jasminium, and Iris Towers.

Sunanda stays ahead in the eco-friendly top-quality coatings sector, spearheading innovative solutions that evoke lasting inspiration and resilience.