DCM Shriram Plant Project:

DCM Shriram is a leading manufacturer of industrial chemicals, fertilisers, and cement in India. The company operates a plant in Jhagadia, Gujarat, which produces chlor-alkali chemicals. 

DCM Shriram is India’s leading industrial chemicals, fertilisers, and cement manufacturer. The company operates a plant in Jhagadia, Gujarat, which produces chlor-alkali chemicals. 

Due to the nature of the chemicals being produced, the DCM Shriram plant required a high level of protection against water ingress, which could damage the machinery and lead to the production of sub-standard products.

Application for DCM Shriram Plant Project:

Authorities in charge of the project sought out Sunanda Global, a prominent provider of waterproofing solutions, to help them address their waterproofing issues.

Sunanda Global suggested using their flagship product, Sunanda waterproofing coating, specially designed to provide long-lasting protection against water ingress and seepage.

Sunanda’s acrylic cementitious waterproofing coating is the most effective elastomeric coating that is easy to apply and has excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces. 

It creates a seamless, waterproof barrier that can withstand extreme weather conditions, chemicals, and abrasion. 

Sunanda Global provided a detailed application process, and their team of experts supervised the application to ensure that it was applied correctly.


Sunanda’s acrylic waterproofing coating emerged as a highly successful remedy for DCM Shriram’s persistent waterproofing challenges.

Skillfully administered onto the plant’s concrete surfaces, it not only delivered a robust shield against water ingress and seepage but also demonstrated impeccable efficiency.

Notably, the application process was executed seamlessly and within the stipulated timeframe, ensuring minimal disruption to the plant’s ongoing operations.

The comprehensive satisfaction expressed by the client underscores the exceptional quality of both the product and the service delivered by Sunanda Global.

This successful collaboration stands as a testament to Sunanda’s commitment to providing reliable and effective solutions, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted partner in addressing complex waterproofing requirements.