Industry Academia Conclave 2022

IIT Jammu invited Dr. S. K. Manjrekar as one of the Keynote Speakers at the Industry-Academia Conclave 2022.

This 2nd Industry-Academia Conclave event created a network between Industries and Academics (Teachers, Researchers, and Students) for discussion and sharing of knowledge and technology.

The conclave focused on understanding the issues and challenges faced by the industries.

The conclave also discussed realistic and workable solutions, connecting with mentors for promoting and nurturing upcoming business founders.

The gap between skilled workers would minimize with the assurance of students getting flexible and on-hand training according to the current needs and trends of the market.

With this vision, Dr. S. K. Manjrekar accepted the invitation to help them in these endeavours and develop a balanced partnership between Industry and Academia.

He presented a lecture on “Post-Pandemic (3rd Wave) Recovery of Construction Industry in ‘Normal’ and ‘New Normal’ Times with Stress on Material Science”.