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Innovative use of water-based materials can be an effective strategy against moisture-related problems in floor construction. This is what Sunanda Global implements in our water-based EPOXY FLOORINGS AND FLOOR COATINGS.

Check out the below video for detailed information about our epoxy flooring material.

Our water-based epoxy flooring coatings are especially suitable for your next functional floors if you have issues with humidity or rising moisture in the floor slab.

We are the Manufacturers, and Expert Of Epoxy Coating, PU Floor Coating, Epoxy Floor Coating, and Epoxy Paint/ Coating systems.

In flooring works, moisture-related issues can cause unexpected delays or, worst case, require repairs and re-coating. We solve problems in the following issues:

  • Moisture-related blisters in floor coating
  • Missing water vapour membrane under the ground floor slabs
  • Uncertain moisture conditions of/under the floor slabs
  • Uncertainty about if a concrete floor is dry enough for the coating works

With sustainable Self-leveling epoxy-based monolithic underlay flooring systems, applicators and designers have a solution for typical moisture-related and environmental problems. This provides security and protection, which may save money and a great deal of time.