Case study of a malaysian petroleum manufacturer in Navi Mumbai

The Epoxy Flooring Project:

A Malaysian company wanted to set up a petroleum plant in Navi Mumbai. Since it’s a petroleum manufacturer, they wanted the best epoxy flooring installed on their floor. 

The industrial floor in the petroleum plant has to be abrasion, high-voltage, chemical, thermal shock, and water/oil resistant flooring. 

Sunanda Global’s proven previous track records and faster application time made them select us for their project.

epoxy flooring

The Application:

Sunanda Global’s epoxy flooring system was able to provide a long-lasting and durable surface for the Malaysian petroleum company.

This system also proved effective in reducing the damage caused by chemicals, making it an excellent choice for industrial applications.


In addition to its durability and chemical resistance, Sunanda Global’s flooring system also improved safety in the workplace. The system’s anti-slip properties ensured workers could move around the plant without slipping and falling.

Overall, Sunanda Global’s high-performance flooring system improved the functionality and safety of the Malaysian petroleum company’s industrial plant.

With a brighter and safer environment, the professionals working there were able to work with confidence and focus on their tasks.

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