Case study of flyover connecting Mahipalpur to Aerocity in New Delhi

The Mahipalpur to Aerocity Project:

The Mahipalpur to Aerocity project is a major infrastructure development project constructed by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) with a length of 600 metres to make the travel time between Mahipalpur to Aerocity in New Delhi.

The project aims to create a world-class transport system to connect the Indira Gandhi International Airport with the rest of the city. The project involves the construction of a six-lane elevated expressway.

They required high-quality protective coatings to ensure the durability of the structures. Harsh environmental conditions, including heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures, and corrosive agents, would expose the structures.

Therefore, it was essential to use protective coatings to withstand these conditions and prevent damage to the structures.

The Application:

Sunanda Global’s products fulfilled the requirement for high-performance protective coatings. We designed these coatings to provide long-lasting protection to the structures, even under extreme weather conditions.

The contractors used this coating on the elevated expressway and other structures. The protective coatings provided long-lasting protection against water seepage, corrosion, and other environmental factors.


The use of Sunanda’s protective coatings proved to be highly effective in meeting the contractor’s requirements. With superior technical support and cost-efficient products, the team completed the project in two months and spent less than 26 crores of the sanctioned budget.

The project’s success highlights the importance of using high-quality protective coatings in construction projects to ensure the longevity of the structures.