The  Oberoi Hotel Flyover Project:

Governor V K Saxena had directed the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) to develop a plan to restore and clean the Oberoi Hotel Flyover area.

The aim of the project was to repair the existing concrete surface and prevent further damage due to environmental factors.

Oberoi Hotel Flyover In New Delhi

The Application:

The senior engineers leading this project short-listed Sunanda Global’s protective anti-carbonation and decorative coatings for the flyover’s restoration work.

The application of Sunanda’s protective coatings provided an impermeable barrier against the penetration of carbon dioxide, water, and other harmful chemicals, which helped to increase the life of the concrete surface.

The application of such vibrant and appealing colours made it look more delightful.

Moreover, the decorative aspect of the product gave an attractive and uniform finish to the flyover, improving its aesthetic appeal.


Sunanda Global provided quality products and services that satisfied the Flyover Project team.

They reported that protective and decorative coatings have helped enhance the durability of the flyover, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Completing the Oberoi Hotel Flyover Project cemented Sunanda Global’s position as a top construction chemicals provider. Moreover, their dedication to providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to clients was evident throughout the project.

Overall, the authorities were satisfied with the performance of Sunanda Global’s products for the flyover.