Case study of Zonasha Frontier (IT Park) in Bengaluru – Epoxy Resin Coat

The Zonasha IT Park Project:

Zonasha Frontier (IT Building) is one of the commercial spaces in Bengaluru.

The Zonasha IT park has 3 basements, ground, and 7 floors covering 585995 square feet.

The works were completed in 2019.

The Application:

Sunanda Global’s epoxy resin coat suited the client’s requirements.

Sunanda Global’s epoxy resin coating offers a hard-wearing, chemical, and abrasion-resistant floor finish suited for use in the car park, where it is resistant to a high degree of resistance to chemicals, oils, and grease.

The epoxy coatings quick curing time met the customer’s condition of minimal disturbance to ongoing trade activities.

The various shades of colours enhanced the identity of the parking lot.

Zonasha Frontier IT Park

zonasha-it-car-parking-epoxy flooring


The product used for the above project is solid and firm, reducing low maintenance costs. The impregnable finishes offered an easily cleaned surface.

The coating provided various benefits, such as durability, aesthetics, and slip resistance. Sunanda Global’s expertise and experience in the field of construction chemicals helped to ensure the success of this project.

The epoxy resin coat used in this project is odourless and solvent-free, making it safe to work in basement car parks.

The coat adds an aesthetic dimension to the coating’s functional benefits and enables the client to customize the car park according to their preferences.