Introduction to Evershine Classique:

Evershine Classique in Vasai East, Mumbai, is a residential haven with two buildings. It offers a range of 2 BHK and 3 BHK dwellings.

Within the premises of the project, residents revel in a plethora of amenities such as:

  • designated parking
  • a state-of-the-art gymnasium
  • reliable power backup
  • a vibrant children’s playground
  • a refreshing swimming pool
  • an inviting tennis court
  • a spirited badminton court
  • winding cycling and jogging track
  • the convenience of an on-site ATM

Evershine Classique

The Challenge:

Evershine Classique, like other urban developments, juggled aesthetics with Mumbai’s harsh climate.

Heavy rainfall, high humidity, and scorching heat are common adversaries for buildings in this region.

Moreover, modern homeowners with discerning tastes seek protection and elegance for their exteriors.

Amidst Mumbai’s climatic challenges, robust external protection for buildings like Classique is crucial.

The contractors acknowledged these challenges. Therefore, they sought a comprehensive solution to protect the project from environmental aggressors while enhancing its visual appeal.

The Solution:

The contractors recognized the prowess of Sunanda Global’s premium line of acrylic exterior coatings.

Sunanda formulated these coatings primarily to address the unique needs of urban structures like Evershine Classique.

These coatings boast a multifaceted approach, providing waterproofing, heat insulation, and decorative appeal.

By opting for Sunanda’s coatings, the contractors ensured the project would stand resilient against the elements while exuding timeless charm.


The journey to fortify Evershine Classique started by carefully prepping surfaces and following Sunanda’s guidelines for the best results.

Contractors addressed the cracks and imperfections using specialized mortars, ensuring a seamless foundation for the coatings.

With each coat meticulously applied, the exteriors of Classique project underwent a stunning transformation.

Sunanda’s coatings helped streamline applications, minimizing disruptions to construction timelines and residents.

Benefits for Evershine Classique Project:

The decision to incorporate Sunanda Global’s premium exterior coatings yielded a myriad of benefits for Evershine Classique.

The coatings shielded against water and stressors and cooled interiors, improving resident’s comfort.

Moreover, the coating’s decorative appeal kept the above residential project charming for years, establishing it as a symbol of elegance in Vasai East.

Collaboration and Success for Evershine Classique Project:

Sunanda Global’s dedication to quality and innovation, along with skilled contractors, resulted in a project surpassing expectations.

The Classique residents now enjoy their elegant surroundings. They owe their enjoyment thanks to the flawless integration of premium exterior coatings, enhancing their comfort.


Projects like Evershine Classique exemplify how innovation boosts functionality and aesthetics in modern buildings.

Looking ahead, we must prioritize construction quality, sustainability, and resilience.

With Sunanda Global at the helm, the possibilities for transformative urban landscapes are endless.