Introduction to Evershine Harmony:

Evershine Harmony in Vasai East, Mumbai, is a developed residential community seamlessly linked to key areas of Mumbai.

The project boasts a singular tower that provides picturesque vistas of its environs raising its majesty.

It epitomizes a flawless blend of luxury and sophistication. The developers meticulously crafted the project to cater to the resident’s needs and preferences.

Yet, the necessity for advanced exterior coatings arose to uphold its aesthetic allure and structural robustness.

Evershine Harmony

Setting the Scene in Evershine Harmony project:

In Mumbai’s dynamic cityscape, resilient exterior coatings are vital amidst challenging weather conditions.

The Harmony project necessitated coatings resilient to heavy rainfall, high humidity, and scorching heat, preserving its pristine facade.

Here steps in Sunanda Global, a pioneer in innovative construction solutions!

Sunanda Global’s advanced acrylic coatings at Evershine Harmony offer both protection and aesthetic enhancement. Additionally, they promise cutting-edge solutions for exterior surfaces.

Contractor’s Perspective:

The contractors at Evershine Harmony aimed to deliver excellence across a spectrum of projects.

They acknowledged the importance of advanced coatings for lasting durability and visual appeal with a keen focus on quality and timely delivery.

Collaboration with Sunanda Global:

As the Evershine Harmony project progressed, contractors formed a key alliance with Sunanda, tapping into their coatings expertise.

Their decision stemmed from Sunanda Global’s history of surpassing industry norms with superior products.

Sunanda Global has a comprehensive range of waterproofing, heat insulating, and decorative coatings.

Hence, it became the top pick for enhancing Evershine Harmony’s exterior to unparalleled sophistication.

Application and Benefits for Evershine Harmony project:

Following Sunanda’s instructions for surface preparation and application, the contractors set out to renovate Evershine Harmony.

Emphasizing cleanliness and meticulous surface inspection, they prepared a flawless surface for applying acrylic exterior coatings.

The applicators precisely applied the coatings, offering unmatched defence against water, temperature shifts, and environmental harm.

Results and Success Story:

The culmination of this collaborative endeavour was nothing short of remarkable.

Acrylic coatings transformed the project’s exteriors, enhancing aesthetics and protecting against nature’s elements.

Sunanda’s commitment to excellence is evident in its coatings that resist peeling, cracking, and fungal growth and boast a durable finish.


The role of acrylic exterior coatings emerges as a pivotal chapter in the narrative of Evershine Harmony’s transformation.

The project achieved new milestones in durability, aesthetics, and sustainability. This achievement is due to the strategic alliance between contractors and Sunanda Global.

The Harmony project showcases the transformative power of innovative construction solutions. Moreover, it serves as a beacon of architectural brilliance.