Introduction to Evershine Solitaire:

Evershine Solitaire is a meticulously planned development in Vasai East, Mumbai.

This masterfully designed project is a true gem amidst the Vasai skyline. This project offers an ideal investment opportunity for those seeking a cost-effective retreat.

The above project surpasses expectations with its luxurious homes and stunning views. It makes living every day exceptional.

With meticulously crafted apartments, convenience and luxury blend seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free lifestyle.

The project transitions seamlessly and  offers a refined lifestyle with modern conveniences for resident’s enjoyment like:

  • Power Back Up
  • Security
  • Intercom Facility
  • Flower Gardens
  • A Kids Play Area

One experiences the privileges of residing in Evershine Solitaire. Here, contemporary comforts merge with convenience in this project.

Vasai East’s accessibility via well-connected roads enhances the appeal of this locale. All vital amenities, like shopping centers and healthcare facilities, are conveniently close to this residential area.

Nevertheless, preserving its exterior charm faced challenges from harsh environmental elements.

Evershine Solitaire

Understanding the Need for Evershine Solitaire project:

Evershine Solitaire, with its prime location and upscale amenities, attracts discerning residents seeking quality living spaces.

Constant exposure to environmental factors like heavy rainfall, humidity, and heat continually affected the building’s external surfaces.

A reliable exterior coating solution was imperative to maintain its allure and structural integrity.

Sunanda Global’s acrylic exterior coatings presented an ideal solution. These coatings offered waterproofing, heat insulation, and decorative finishes, ensuring longevity and visual appeal.

Collaboration with Sunanda Global:

Evershine Solitaire management chose Sunanda Global as their dependable property enhancement and protection partner.

Sunanda, known for its innovative solutions and commitment to quality, provided the perfect fit for its range of acrylic exterior coatings.

United by excellence, Evershine Solitaire, and Sunanda Global collaborated, laying the groundwork for a project that enhances aesthetics and functionality.

Application Expertise:

The contractors entrusted with Evershine Solitaire’s makeover approached the task with precision and professionalism.

Following meticulous surface preparation outlined by Sunanda Global, they filled the cracks. They cleaned the surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion.

They applied Sunanda’s acrylic exterior coatings applied seamlessly, enhancing Evershine Solitaire’s appeal while providing protection.

Efficiency and Reliability for Evershine Solitaire:

The contractors handling Evershine Solitaire’s renovation relied on Sunanda Global’s efficient service.

By delivering on time and offering full support, Sunanda met schedules. They also helped the contractors provide clear project timelines to residents.

By prioritizing efficiency and reliability, minimal disruption to residents occurred, maximizing the impact of the exterior makeover.

Client Contentment:

In the end, the triumph of every project hinges on the clientele’s contentment.

The transformation brought about by Sunanda’s coatings delighted the management and residents of Evershine Solitaire.

The Solitaire project became Vasai East’s premier residential destination with its enhanced appeal and long-term security.


Maintaining and enhancing external surfaces is paramount in the dynamic landscape of property management.

Evershine Solitaire’s partnership with Sunanda Global and employing Sunanda’s acrylic coatings showcase proactive property care.

With innovation, expertise, and excellence, Evershine Solitaire shines brightly, offering residents a place to live and a lifestyle to cherish.