Case study of Evershine Woods in Mira Road East in Bhayandar – Exterior Paint

Introduction to Evershine Woods:

Evershine Woods is a residential project consisting of 3 towers with 8 floors each in Mira Road East, Bhayandar. It represents the pinnacle of contemporary lifestyle.

The developer carefully planned the homes to optimize space and open area access.

Its array of amenities and quality construction has made the project a preferred choice for homeowners.


Understanding the Need:

Evershine Woods, much like any residential complex, faced the challenge of maintaining its external surfaces amidst varied climatic conditions.

The facade demanded a robust solution to withstand nature’s onslaughts, from heavy monsoon rains to scorching heat waves.

Moreover, with the developer prioritizing protection and aesthetics, the choice of external coatings became vital.

The management understood these imperatives. They sought solutions that marry durability with visual appeal, thus enhancing the allure of Evershine project.

Selection of Sunanda Global’s Coatings:

Sunanda Global emerged as a front runner in the quest for the ideal solution. They offered a range of acrylic exterior coatings for the problem mentioned above.

These coatings are renowned for their superior quality and proven performance. Thus, they perfectly aligned with the requirements of Evershine Woods.

Moreover, the eco-friendly nature of these coatings resonated with the ethos of sustainable living. It further helped to bolster their suitability for the project.

The developer partnered with Sunanda Global due to their performance and commitment to environmental stewardship. Thus, the collaboration was inevitable.

Application Process for Evershine Woods:

The project contractors diligently applied Sunanda’s acrylic coatings after thorough surface preparation. They maintained strict cleanliness and integrity standards.

The contractors duly addressed any imperfections, ensuring a smooth canvas for the application.

The coatings offered easy application, enabling the contractors to achieve uniform coverage effortlessly.

Moreover, the absence of priming coats streamlined the process, saving time and resources.

Layer by layer, the applicators transformed Evershine Woods, ushering in a new era of protection and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits Realized for Evershine Woods:

The integration of Sunanda Global’s acrylic exterior coatings yielded multifaceted benefits for Evershine Woods.

Primarily, it protected the complex from water damage and environmental threats, preserving its structural strength.

Additionally, the coating’s heat insulation maintained comfortable temperatures, enhancing resident’s living experience.

The coating’s decorative elements added a touch of elegance to the facade, elevating the aesthetic charm of Evershine Woods.

Furthermore, the coating’s durability against fungi and algae preserved the complex’s appeal for years.

Community Feedback:

The residents of Evershine Woods echoed unanimous acclaim for the transformation brought about by Sunanda’s acrylic exterior coatings.

They saw their facade improve and felt proud of their home’s new look.

The seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality earned widespread praise, confirming the wisdom of investing in quality coatings.

Moreover, the community’s ethos is strongly aligned with the coating’s sustainable nature. The alignment inspired the residents to adopt environmental responsibility.


In the realm of architectural excellence, external coatings are a must for any structure.

The above project exemplifies how Sunanda’s acrylic exterior coatings can enhance the appearance and eco-friendliness of residential complexes.

Evershine Woods embodies modern living, seamlessly balancing durability, aesthetics, and environmental awareness, ready for a sustainable future.