Construction of Flyover at Kalamboli Steel Yard: 

The flyover at Kalamboli steel yard project was a major infrastructure project that required the construction of a flyover bridge to improve the traffic flow and connectivity between the two major cities. 

The proposed project aims to construct a flyover spanning a distance of 1 kilometre at the Kalamboli steel yard junction, located near the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway (NH-4) in the Raigarh district. 

The project involved the construction of a massive steel structure that would require special coatings to prevent carbonation and prolong the bridge’s lifespan.

The steel rebars were susceptible to corrosion, compromising their structural integrity and posing a safety hazard. 

Sunanda Global was approached to provide an anti-carbonation coating for the steel components to address this challenge.

The Application:

The contractor conducted a detailed visual inspection of the site to provide complete protection. 

The contractors entrusted Sunanda’s anti-carbonation coating to apply the protection system for the construction of the Flyover Steel Yard Project.

Sunanda’s highly flexible anti-carbonation coating was used to ensure that the bridge receives long-lasting protection against corrosion while maintaining its aesthetic appeal for years.

Sunanda’s anti-carbonation coating has often shown that it can withstand the aggressive weather conditions of a marine environment and effectively bridge any micro-cracks in the concrete, thus extending the life of the structures involved. 

In addition, it is available in a wide range of colours and was therefore also able to meet the specification of exactly matching the client’s requirements.

The highly flexible anti-carbonation coating provides excellent crack-bridging concrete protection for outdoor surfaces exposed to the elements. It simultaneously prevents fungi and algae growth, thus guarding against staining and aging effects.


As a result, the system worked smoothly, and the application of the product was completed successfully within the scheduled time frame. 

Therefore, the Sunanda team has satisfactorily completed the work, and their valuable contribution to the project was highly appreciated and acknowledged.

We addressed all technical concerns throughout the project with quick and effective solutions. 

The track record of Sunanda’s coatings systems speaks to their quality and durability, which are easily applied and cost-efficient and have proven to be a reliable and effective choice for more than 40 years.