Case study of underground tunnel of Kolkata Metro

The Kolkata Metro Project:

The Kolkata Metro is a rapid transit service serving the city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India.

As of February 2021, it has two functional lines, a 31.36 km (19.49 mi) line from Dakshineswar to Kavi Subhash and a 6.9 km (4.3 mi)[3] line from Salt Lake Area V to Phoolbagan, for a sum of 38.26 km (23.77 mi).

This Metro Project posed several challenges for the contractors, including the construction of underground tunnels and the installation of tracks.

To ensure maximum stability and durability for the tracks, we had to install them in a way that could withstand heavy loads and vibrations.

This required the use of high-quality epoxy grout to ensure the stability of the tracks and prevent any accidents or mishaps.

Underground Tunnel Of Kolkata Metro

The Application:

Sunanda Global injected low-viscosity epoxy grout into the entire underground tunnel of the Kolkata Metro.

The contractors used epoxy grouts to secure the metro tracks, ensuring they were kept stable and safe for passengers.


Sunanda Global’s epoxy grouts effectively repaired the underground tunnel of the Metro.

This solution provided by Sunanda Global helped to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the metro system.

Overall, the use of grout provided by Sunanda played a critical role in the success of the Kolkata Metro Project and highlighted the importance of quality construction materials in ensuring the safety and stability of large-scale construction projects.