G Corp Project:

G Corp is a renowned real estate developer in India that has delivered several premium residential and commercial projects.

In their two prestigious projects, Sky Garden and Zen Garden in Bangalore, G Corp faced the challenge of waterproofing multiple areas such as foundation, retaining wall, water tanks, and sunken and terrace areas. Hence, they were looking for a reliable and efficient waterproofing solution for their new projects in Bangalore.

They approached Sunanda Global, a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals, for a suitable product and solution.

The Application:

After analyzing the requirements and site conditions, Sunanda Global recommended the use of acrylic polymeric cementitious waterproofing coatings for waterproofing the various areas of Sky Garden and Zen Garden residential projects.

The client needed a solution for critical areas like below the foundation and retaining wall of the two residential projects that was easy to apply.

The high flexural strength of Sunanda’s polymeric waterproofing coatings was an ideal solution for both projects.

Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings are simple to mix with cement, forming an impermeable co-matrix film.

Sunanda Global’s experts provided comprehensive technical support to the client and contractor throughout the two projects till their completion.

The contractors applied the coatings to ensure a thick and even layer of protection. They completed the application process within the scheduled time frame and without causing any disruption to the construction work.

The coatings provided a seamless and waterproof barrier, preventing water seepage and other damages caused by water.


The waterproofing solution provided by Sunanda Global proved to be a reliable and effective solution that met all the project’s requirements and ensured the safety and durability of the structures.

The coatings provided excellent waterproofing protection, ensuring that the Sky Garden and Zen Garden were well-protected from water damage, resulting in long-lasting, high-quality structures.

Sunanda Global’s expertise and quality product helped G Corp save significant costs and time, making the project a success.