Sky Gardens and Zen Garden Project:

G Corp, a renowned real estate developer, embarked on a mission to create iconic residential towers – Sky Garden and Zen Garden – in Bangalore.

The challenge was to use a concrete repair material to address concrete issues and enhance the structural integrity while adhering to the project’s strict timelines.

With the support of Sunanda Global, the developers opted for a high performance polymer for modification of cement mortar specifically designed for concrete repair. This innovative solution strengthened and modified the micro-structure of cement-based hydrated products, ensuring a robust and durable bond.

The Application for Sky Gardens and Zen Garden:

At the start of the repair process, the applicators carefully mixed the polymer-modified cement mortar with fresh cement and graded quartz sand, following the recommended composition of 1:5:15. The resulting mortar exhibited increased interfacial adhesion, water impermeability, tensile, and flexural strength, compensating for volume changes due to shrinkage.

Upon preparing the polymer-modified cement mortar, the skilled team hand-packed the mixture onto the damaged concrete surfaces of both Sky Gardens and Zen Gardens. The efficient and precise application allowed seamless repairs, reinforcing the structural elements to withstand external forces and environmental challenges.

Benefits of Sunanda Global’s Solution:

Enhanced Durability: The use of Sunanda Global’s high performance polymer for polymer-modified cement mortar fortified the repaired concrete, significantly extending the service life of the structures. The product’s ability to compensate for shrinkage minimized the risk of future cracks and damages.

Quick Installation: The easy-to-use and rapid setting nature of the high performance polymer accelerated the repair process, adhering to tight project timelines and minimizing construction delays.

Water Impermeability: The concrete repair material significantly improved the water impermeability of the repaired areas, safeguarding the structures against moisture-related issues such as water ingress and dampness.

Structural Integrity: By reinforcing the existing concrete, the high performance polymer enhanced the structural integrity of both Sky Garden and Zen Garden, ensuring the buildings’ stability and safety.


The successful completion of Sky Garden and Zen Garden, thanks to Sunanda Global’s high performance polymer, is a testament to the power of innovative construction materials in creating lasting and remarkable structures.

By incorporating this superior concrete repair material, the G Corp developers demonstrated their commitment to excellence in building iconic residential projects, showcasing their expertise and dedication to preserving their residential projects for generations to come.

The seamless application of Sunanda Global’s solution provided a robust, water-resistant, and durable finish, meeting the highest industry standards. Through this successful partnership, G Corp developers have set new benchmarks in the construction industry, proving that cutting-edge materials combined with skilled craftsmanship can redefine the future of residential development.