hack aid plast

Generally, it is very tedious and time-consuming to apply cement plaster on smooth concrete surfaces because of poor interfacial bonding.

Before cement plastering is done, concrete slabs (soffits or ceilings), walls, columns, and beams are hacked with a chisel and hammer to roughen their surfaces to enable the plaster to adhere to the concrete surface.

However, there are no ways to maintain uniformity and consistency in the number of hacks per sq. ft, which is left to the judgement of the construction worker on site.

As the number of hacks on concrete is not uniform, hacking is not a dependable methodology.

Additionally, after hacking is completed, when the first dash (chaat) coat of plaster is applied, approximately half of the first dash coat of plaster drops on the floor as it doesn’t bond entirely with the concrete.

Construction workers then collect this debonded plaster, add more water, and reuse it. Adding more water to this debonded plaster compromises the original water-cement ratio and significantly reduces the plaster’s strength, life, and quality. Hence, it is recommended to do plastering right the first time.

This makes us wonder how we can prevent the plaster from debonding, increase the speed of plastering, and increase the construction speed.

Well, no need to worry!

Sunanda Global, one of India’s top manufacturers of construction chemicals, has managed the impossible. The company has developed HACK AID PLAST – a path-breaking product (plaster bonding agent) to replace the conventional hacking methodology.

HACK AID PLAST is a unique single-component liquid bonding agent for plaster that strengthens the bond between the plaster and concrete.

HACK AID PLAST is an efficient and cost-effective product that costs approximately Rs. 2.5 per sq. ft. This product is a customized solution that eliminates the need to hack concrete surfaces that will receive plaster.

Benefits of using Hack Aid Plast

  • It ensures complete contact and bonding of plaster with concrete surfaces.
  • Significantly reduces wastage and rebound loss of plaster.
  • The speed of the work in plastering is significantly increased, resulting in significant labour cost savings.
  • Laboratory tests indicate that the force required to pull out HACK AID PLAST-aided plastered surfaces is twice the force needed to pull out ordinary plaster.
  • Improves the quality and service life of plaster.


How to apply HACK AID PLAST

Sunanda Global has always focused on easy-to-use products so that even an unskilled labourer can utilize the product effectively. The following methodology is to be followed while using Hack Aid Plast:

  • Clean the concrete surface using a water jet to remove dirt and lose particles.
  • Apply a coat of Hack Aid Plast on the clean, moist surface directly using a spray or brush.
  • Check and ensure the surface is tacky before the chaat (dash)coat application.
  • The tacky period may differ depending on external atmospheric conditions, saturation degree of the substrate, etc.
  • After setting the chaat (dash) coat, plaster the surface in the usual manner.

Guarantee of quality assurance:

Sunanda Global has always set the highest quality standards for every product they have developed and manufactured. Hack Aid Plast has been a breakthrough for the construction industry.

Sunanda Global is India’s only construction chemical manufacturing company with an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for Research & Development. SUNANDA products are CE-marked and exported to numerous countries across the world.

Sunanda Global was voted among the top 5 waterproofing brands in India and won the Product Innovator of the Year Award 2012, 2013, and 2015 from FICCI and the Ministry of Chemicals.