The Project:

The Hindon Elevated Corridor Bridge, Uttar Pradesh:

The Hindon Elevated Corridor Bridge, located in the vibrant state of Uttar Pradesh, is a critical transportation link connecting important cities and enhancing regional connectivity.

Due to its strategic importance, the project demanded robust protective coatings that could withstand harsh environmental conditions and resist chemical corrosion.

The Brahmaputra River Bridge, Assam:

The Brahmaputra River Bridge stands as a testament to the engineering marvel in the scenic region of Assam.

This vital bridge serves as a lifeline, connecting remote areas and facilitating smooth transportation.

However, the bridge’s location posed unique challenges, as the corrosive effects of moisture, humidity, and high chlorides threatened the structure’s integrity.

The Problem:

For both the Hindon Elevated Corridor and the Brahmaputra River Bridges, the contractors faced the daunting task of selecting a coating solution that could provide long-lasting protection against chemical corrosion and environmental degradation.

The harsh climatic conditions, exposure to industrial pollutants, and the need for a durable coating demanded careful consideration.

Sunanda Global is a renowned leader in providing innovative construction chemicals and solutions. With a track record of excellence, they have become a trusted partner for numerous infrastructure projects worldwide.

Sunanda Global supplied its specialized epoxy paint for chemical and corrosion resistance applications to address the unique challenges posed by these ambitious projects.

This high-build epoxy finish paint offered a durable and robust protective coating suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The Application of Epoxy Paint for Hindon Elevated Corridor and the Brahmaputra River Bridges:

Applying the epoxy paint required meticulous surface preparation to ensure maximum adhesion between the coating and the substrate.

The contractors cleaned and treated the surfaces, removing all contaminants, grease, and loose material.

Special treatments, such as grit blasting for steel surfaces and rust passivator for steel reinforcement, were implemented to achieve a clean and corrosion-resistant base.

The first coat of epoxy paint acted as a priming coat to enhance adhesion, and the contractors applied two subsequent coats at an interval of 6 – 8 hours.

Sunanda Global’s epoxy paint demonstrated excellent chemical resistance, solvent resistance, and adhesion, making it equally effective on both concrete and metal substrates.

Advantages of Sunanda Global’s Epoxy Paint:

The application of Sunanda Global’s epoxy paint for chemical and corrosion resistance applications delivered a myriad of benefits for both the Hindon Elevated Corridor Bridge and the Brahmaputra River Bridge.

Unparalleled Corrosion Resistance: The epoxy paint’s unique formulation provided exceptional resistance to a wide range of mineral and organic acids, alkalis, fats, oils, and high chlorides, safeguarding the bridges against chemical corrosion.

Extended Life Cycle: The epoxy paint’s abrasion-resistant film and prolonged color and gloss retention ensured a prolonged life cycle for the protective coating.

This significantly reduced future maintenance frequency, resulting in substantial cost savings for the bridge authorities.

Environmental Friendliness: With high solids content, Sunanda Global’s epoxy paint demonstrated its commitment to environmental sustainability, making it a preferred choice for eco-conscious infrastructure projects.


The Hindon Elevated Corridor Bridge in Uttar Pradesh and the Brahmaputra River Bridge in Assam stand as exemplary projects that showcase the power of innovative epoxy solutions.

Sunanda Global’s epoxy paint for chemical and corrosion resistance applications played a pivotal role in protecting these iconic bridges, ensuring their longevity, and enhancing their structural integrity.

With outstanding benefits such as unparalleled corrosion resistance, extended life cycle, and environmental friendliness, Sunanda Global’s epoxy paint continues to be a preferred choice for infrastructure protection projects across the globe.

As India continues to build the foundation for a brighter and more sustainable future, this case study highlights the significance of using cutting-edge technology to safeguard our nation’s critical infrastructure.