Case study of Hindon Elevated Corridor and Brahmaputra River Bridges – PU Paint

The project & problem for Hindon Elevated Corridor and Brahmaputra River Bridges in Uttar Pradesh and Assam:

In modern infrastructure development, the key to success lies not only in structural integrity but also in the preservation of aesthetic appeal over time.

Modern bridges bear the weight of both history and progress, their significance intertwined with functionality and cultural identity.

When tasked with enhancing the longevity of the Hindon Elevated Corridor and Brahmaputra River bridges in Uttar Pradesh and Assam, contractors faced a challenge: to safeguard these structures from corrosion, UV exposure, abrasion, and other environmental factors while maintaining their visual allure.

Informed and amazed by the success of Sunanda Global’s previous endeavours, the contractors turned to the proven effectiveness of Sunanda Global’s polyurethane finish paint coatings.

Hindon Elevated Corridor and Brahmaputra River Bridges in Uttar Pradesh and Assam - Polyurethane Finish Paint

The Application:

Sunanda’s innovative coating system comprises a dynamic duo: a high-solids, non-yellowing polyurethane-based finish and a carefully formulated primer. These components collaborate harmoniously to create an impervious shield against corrosion, chemicals, UV rays, and wear, effectively prolonging the life of the bridges.

For the Hindon Elevated Corridor and Brahmaputra River Bridges, the meticulous application of the polyurethane finish paint coatings played a pivotal role.

The process began by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces to be coated, ensuring the removal of all contaminants.

With the surfaces dry and primed, the contractors meticulously mixed Sunanda’s system by combining four parts of Part A with one part of Part B. The applicators then stirred the concoction to a homogenous blend and left it to stand for a brief period to initiate the reaction. They applied the resulting mixture then expertly using either a brush or a spray, resulting in a consistent and protective layer.

Sunanda Global’s polyurethane finish paint coatings unveiled a spectrum of benefits that perfectly aligned with the project’s goals. The coatings exhibited remarkable abrasion resistance, a characteristic vital for structures enduring the stresses of daily use and changing weather conditions.

Their chemical and UV resistance ensured the bridges retained their structural integrity and visual splendor over the years. The polyurethane coatings showcased exceptional adhesion to various substrates, a trait that facilitated their application on both concrete and metal surfaces, further underscoring their versatility.

The bridges’ appearance, equally significant as their functionality, received a significant boost from the advanced coatings. These coatings not only excelled in their protective capabilities but also boasted excellent color and gloss retention properties. This aspect ensured that the Hindon Elevated Corridor and Brahmaputra River Bridges in Uttar Pradesh and Assam remained splendid landmarks, representing the synergy between technological innovation and architectural artistry.

The project stakeholders reaped long-term rewards by opting for Sunanda Global’s polyurethane finish paint coatings. The robust corrosion resistance offered by the coatings extended the service life of the bridges, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Furthermore, the coatings’ minimal maintenance demands, which encompass their capacity for re-coating without necessitating sandblasting, resulted in significant cost savings over the passage of time.


In the realm of bridge preservation and enhancement, the Hindon Elevated Corridor Bridge in Uttar Pradesh and the Brahmaputra River Bridge in Assam have emerged as compelling success stories.

Harnessing the capabilities of Sunanda Global’s polyurethane finish paint coatings, the contractors seamlessly combined structural durability with aesthetic appeal.

These coatings not only shielded the bridges from corrosion and environmental stressors but also contributed to their timeless charm.

This case study shows that the marriage of advanced coatings technology and visionary engineering can yield iconic results that stand the test of time.