Enhancing ITC Gardenia Bengaluru’s Infrastructure with Sunanda Global’s Waterproofing Coatings: 

ITC Gardenia, located in the bustling heart of Bengaluru, epitomizes a harmonious blend of opulence and eco-consciousness.

With a commitment to excellence in both design and environmental responsibility, ITC Gardenia has continually sought innovative solutions to maintain its pristine infrastructure.

ITC Gardenia Bengaluru, a flagship property of ITC Hotels, embarked on its journey of Responsible Luxury in 2009, achieving the prestigious LEED India Platinum Rating, marking it as Asia’s pioneer in green building standards. This recognition underscored ITC’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Notably, the hotel’s design draws inspiration from Bengaluru’s lush surroundings, evident in its green, beige, and peacock blue décor, which echos the city’s verdant gardens.

The iconic Lotus Pavilion’s heritage-inspired architecture epitomizes the fusion of tradition and modernity.

Sustainability remains paramount, with the hotel pioneering renewable energy usage, water recycling, and sourcing local ingredients.

The culinary offerings are a testament to diverse palates. They blend Indian traditions with global flavours and are complemented by an extensive beverage selection.

Wellness is paramount at Kaya Kalp – The Spa, where ancient healing practices are revitalized.

ITC Gardenia

Addressing Infrastructure Needs:

ITC Gardenia, renowned for its luxury and eco-conscious practices, recognized the imperative of waterproofing its toilets and terraces.

Given Bengaluru’s erratic weather patterns and the hotel’s commitment to sustainability, ensuring robust waterproofing solutions became paramount.

Sunanda Global emerged as the partner of choice, offering cutting-edge coatings designed to withstand environmental challenges while upholding ITC Gardenia’s ethos of responsible luxury.

Meeting the Challenge with Sunanda Global:

Drawing inspiration from the enduring legacy of ITC Gardenia’s commitment to sustainability, Sunanda Global embarked on a mission to fortify the hotel’s infrastructure.

Leveraging state-of-the-art waterproofing coatings, Sunanda Global addressed the unique challenges posed by the hotel’s toilets and terraces.

These coatings, meticulously engineered to resist water ingress and endure extreme weather conditions, provided the ideal solution for ITC Gardenia’s requirements.

Innovative Solutions for Lasting Impact:

Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings offer a multifaceted approach to infrastructure protection.

With advanced formulations that adhere seamlessly to various substrates, including concrete and tiles, these coatings ensure comprehensive waterproofing for toilets and terraces alike.

Their ability to create a resilient barrier against moisture intrusion, UV resistance, and flexibility guarantees long-lasting performance, even in the face of Bengaluru’s climatic fluctuations.

Unmatched Durability and Reliability

At the core of Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings lies a commitment to durability and reliability.

Sunanda Global delivers coatings that exceed industry benchmarks by harnessing cutting-edge technologies and adhering to stringent quality standards.

The result ended in unparalleled protection for ITC Gardenia’s infrastructure, safeguarding against water damage and structural deterioration for years to come.

Conclusion: Elevating Infrastructure with Sunanda Global

In summary, the partnership between Sunanda Global and ITC Gardenia Bengaluru exemplifies the synergy between innovation and sustainability.

Sunanda Global has fortified the hotel’s infrastructure, ensuring longevity, reliability, and environmental responsibility by applying its advanced waterproofing coatings.

As ITC Gardenia advances toward excellence, Sunanda Global remains a trusted ally, providing solutions that transcend conventional standards and redefine the possibilities of waterproofing coatings.