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How To Waterproof and Steps For New Existing Terrace using cost-effective and innovative solutions

How to waterproof new and existing terraces/roofs?

What are the steps for waterproofing the new terrace and the existing terrace? 

How to avoid leakages on the terrace?

What is the waterproofing material used for Waterproofing Terraces?

What is the solution for water leakages?


Waterproofing is the treatment or protection of structures and objects that makes them waterproof. It acts as a barrier for terraces, walls, roofs, and other systems, keeping them away from water, soil moisture, etc. Waterproofing is installed using modern technology, which should be adequate during monsoons, climatic changes & weather conditions. 

Steps for Waterproofing New Terraces:

Step 1. Clean the slab of all dust, dirt, oil, grease, grime, etc.

Step 2. Pond (Flood) the entire terrace area with water to check for cracks/dampness/ leakages

Step 3. Prepare a slurry using 1 kg of Polyalk WP and 0.25 kg of cement and apply it by brush on the bare slab. Mixing should be done using a low-speed stirrer to form a lump-free consistency. No water should be added. Prepare as much slurry as can be used in 30 minutes.

Step 4. After 24 hours, apply a second coat of a similar slurry of the same proportion 

Step 5. Air Cure the surface for 24-48 Hours 

Step 6. Cure the coating with damp gunny bags for 4-5 days

Step 7. Pond (Flood) the entire terrace to check the effectiveness of the waterproofing treatment.

Step 8. While this coat is wet and tacky, lay the cement mortar to provide brickbat coba and this has to be a wet-on-wet application. Add SUNPLEX (330 gm Pouch) per 50kg bag of cement in the mortar mix for brick bat coba.

Step 9. Proceed with providing conventional brick bat coba and I.P.S over the terraces as per standard construction practice, and add SUNPLEX (330gm) pouch in the cement mortar mix of the I.P.S. to minimize the shrinkage cracks on the I.P.S.

Waterproofing material used for Waterproofing Terraces:

1. Polyalk WP: Polyalk WP is the most effective and proven polymeric waterproofing solution.

Benefits of Polyalk WP:

1. High flexural strength and extraordinary adhesion

2. Alkaline and compatible with concrete

3. Prevents carbonation

4. Can be used as a base waterproofing coat

5. Tested as per DIN 1048 for permeability

6. Most practical and proven polymeric waterproofing solution

2. Sunplex: 

Sunplex is an admixture in a powder form that compensates for shrinkage in cement base mixes like grouts, mortars, and plasters. The stabilizer of the admixture provides homogeneity and counteracts intrinsic, shrinkage, and settling characteristics, while the plasticizer helps to achieve high workability while controlling the water.

Benefits of Sunplex:

1. Comprehensive Strength – Workability enhanced, strength improved when cured under restraint

2. Setting time: Insignificant change in setting time of grouts

3. Compatibility – SUNPLEX is compatible with all types of content

3. Polyalk EP: 

Polyak EP is a polymeric formulation that strengthens & modifies the microstructure of cement-based hydrated products forming a polymeric spatial network in its voids, complementing the cement paste characteristics.

Benefits of Polyalk EP:

1. Polyalk EP increases interfacial adhesion, impermeability, tensile strength & flexural strength 

2. Compensates for volume changes due to shrinkage