steel protection system

The Problem:

Remember the Elphinstone Road rush (now Prabhadevi) on September 29, 2017? It had taken 23 lives, and 30 were harmed.

This bridge interfacing two stations on the Central and Western railroads was extremely narrow.

The bridge was overcrowded as trains showed up simultaneously at both stations. Additionally, as it unexpectedly began raining, occupants didn’t leave the bridge and halted at its end, pressing it and prompting a charge.

After this occurrence, the choice to promptly build another foot overbridge at Prabhadevi station was taken.

The Indian Armed Forces were given the task of speedily building the bridge. The Indian Military was approached to construct foot overbridges at Parel, Elphinstone Road (now Prabhadevi), Currey Road, and Ambivali stations.

The Indian Military set a cutoff time to finish the work by the end of January. Yet, because of specific challenges, the work got deferred. All things considered, the military finished the bridge development work in record time.

Sunanda Global was entrusted with providing the structural steel protection coating systems in support of the country for the bridges worked by the Indian Armed Forces. It was a pleased and cherishable second when the Indian Armed Forces complimented Sunanda Global.

The Application:

Multiple foot overbridges specified above are protected with the advanced structural steel protection system of Sunanda Global, which makes the bridges UV, chemical, and corrosion-resistant.


The Prabhadevi Bridge was made open to people on Tuesday alongside the bridge at Curry Road, Parel, and Ambivali stations.

Piyush Goyal and Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre were additionally present at the setting.

Major gratitude to braveheart Indian Armed forces!

The Indian Armed Forces developed the foot-over bridge in a record season of 117 days. The Indian Military began the development of the bridge almost two months after the heartbreaking incident on September 29.

We at Sunanda Global Group are glad to be of service to our nation.

Sunanda Global’s structural steel protection coating system employed by the Indian Army has made the bridge durable and capable of withstanding heavy-duty loads.