Introduction to Kerala State Transport Project:

The Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP) exemplifies the dedication of the Government of Kerala and the Public Works Department to enhance the state’s road infrastructure.

Initiated with support from the World Bank, KSTP addresses the pressing need for enhanced road infrastructure in Kerala.

Given the challenges of corrosive marine environments, the project aimed to find innovative ways to safeguard its new roads from corrosion.

The project authorities chose Sunanda Global in this endeavour, offering corrosion inhibiting admixture to safeguard Kerala’s transportation infrastructure from corrosion.

Kerala State Transport Project

Addressing Corrosion Challenges in Kerala State Transport Project:

Kerala’s coastal geography, compounded by acid rain and high winds, exposes its infrastructure to corrosive elements like chlorides and sulfuric dioxide.

The harsh conditions in Kerala necessitate proactive corrosion prevention measures to maintain road durability.

Sunanda Global’s concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture is a strategic intervention, providing comprehensive protection against corrosion.

Sunanda Global’s Innovative Solution:

Sunanda’s solution offers a multifaceted approach to corrosion inhibition, ensuring the integrity of concrete structures in even the harshest environments.

The admixture forms a uni-molecular protective layer on the steel surface. It effectively shields rebars and prestressed tendons from corrosion and thereby extending the service life of the infrastructure.

Its high penetrating power ensures thorough protection, while its eco-friendly composition aligns with sustainable development goals.

Integration into KSTP:

Sunanda Global’s admixture became instrumental in bolstering the longevity of recently built roads and bridges within the scope of KSTP.

The contractors provided ongoing protection to reinforced structures by effortlessly blending the admixture into the concrete mix during batching.

Its compatibility with other admixtures ensures optimal performance without compromising the properties of hardened concrete or grout, thus maintaining structural integrity.

Advantages and Benefits for Kerala State Transport Project:

The adoption of Sunanda Global’s concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture brings forth a myriad of advantages for the KSTP initiative.

Notably, its simultaneous cathodic and anodic protection mechanism protects against corrosion, mitigating the risk of structural deterioration.

The admixture, with its high alkalinity and compatibility with high chloride levels, offers unparalleled protection, ensuring the longevity and reliability of Kerala’s transportation infrastructure.

Implementation and Results:

Throughout the implementation phase of KSTP, incorporating Sunanda Global’s admixture resulted in enhanced corrosion resistance and prolonged service life of road structures.

By protecting against marine and atmospheric damage, the admixture bolstered Kerala’s transport infrastructure sustainability.

Moreover, its seamless integration into the construction process streamlined operations, ensuring timely project delivery.


Sunanda’s corrosion inhibiting admixture emerged as a cornerstone of the Kerala State Transport Project, offering robust protection against corrosion-induced damage.

Enhancing durability and showcasing sustainability commitment, the admixture effectively strengthens road structures.

As Kerala continues to advance its transportation network, integrating Sunanda’s advanced solutions solidifies its pioneering status in infrastructure resilience and longevity.