MSRDC Project Overview:

The MSRDC embarked on a mission to widen the Four-Lane section of NH4 from Kon to Shedung, simultaneously expanding the Kon Junction Flyover and erecting a Foot Overbridge near Ajivali in Maharashtra.

Recognizing the critical need for protective coatings to withstand environmental aggressors, the project management opted for advanced anti-carbonation exterior coatings from Sunanda Global.

Collaborative Partnership:

In the early stages of project planning, the MSRDC collaborated with Sunanda Global to incorporate specialized coatings, leveraging their expertise.

Sunanda Global’s reputation for providing high-quality solutions and the proven success of its products influenced the decision to choose its advanced coatings for the Maharashtra project.

Product Features and Advantages for the above MSRDC project:

The chosen anti-carbonation exterior coatings offered a comprehensive set of advantages tailored to the specific needs of the Maharashtra project:

Environmental Protection:

The coatings effectively shielded external surfaces from carbonation and other environmental threats, ensuring the longevity of the infrastructure.

Durability and Aesthetics:

The application of these coatings provided a durable and visually appealing finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the structures.

Climate Resistance:

With the ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions, including heavy rainfall, high humidity, and heat, the coatings offered a resilient solution for the varied weather patterns in Maharashtra.

Ease of Application:

The liquid nature of the coatings allowed for easy application by brush, roller, or spray, streamlining the construction process.

Structural Protection:

The coatings prevented water leakages and dampness, safeguarding the structures from potential damage caused by moisture infiltration.

Thermal Regulation:

By preventing a rise in internal temperature, the coatings contributed to the overall comfort and safety of the infrastructure.

Longevity and Low Maintenance:

The anti-carbonation properties extended the service life of the structures, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and associated costs.

UV Stability and Abrasion Resistance:

The coatings exhibited excellent UV stability and resistance to abrasion, ensuring sustained performance even in challenging conditions.

Project Execution and Challenges:

The Maharashtra project demanded a meticulous application of the coatings to key structural elements. The collaborative effort between Sunanda Global, planning engineers, and applicator firms resulted in the development of a tailored solution.


The inauguration of the widened NH4 section from Kon to Shedung, the expanded Kon Junction Flyover, and the newly constructed Foot Overbridge near Ajivali marked the successful completion of the MSRDC project.

The strategic use of advanced anti-carbonation exterior coatings from Sunanda Global played a pivotal role in ensuring the resilience and longevity of the infrastructure.

This case study highlights the importance of collaboration, innovation, and the use of cutting-edge coatings in modern infrastructure development, setting a benchmark for future projects.

By incorporating Sunanda Global’s advanced coatings, the MSRDC not only addressed the challenges posed by the Maharashtra environment but also contributed to the overall sustainability and durability of the infrastructure, emphasizing the role of anti-carbonation coatings in shaping the future of construction and development.