The project & problem:

Palais Royale is a towering masterpiece of modern architecture in the bustling heart of Mumbai. This high-rise tower required a waterproofing solution that would not only meet the highest standards of quality but also withstand the challenges posed by the city’s climate and weather conditions.

Sunanda Global, a trusted leader in waterproofing solutions, stepped in with their state-of-the-art hybrid polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing coatings to ensure the longevity and durability of this iconic structure.

Palais Royale posed several unique challenges in terms of waterproofing. Situated in a city that experiences heavy rainfall, high humidity levels, and varying temperatures, the structure required a waterproofing system that could provide comprehensive protection against moisture intrusion.

Additionally, the architectural design of the building featured intricate details and varied surfaces, demanding a versatile solution that could adapt to these complexities.

The Application:

Sunanda Global’s hybrid polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing coatings proved to be the ideal choice for Palais Royale. These advanced coatings offer a range of advantages that perfectly aligned with the project’s requirements:

Excellent Waterproofing Performance: The hybrid polyurethane elastomeric coatings provide a robust barrier against moisture. They are designed to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, making them the top choice for a building in Mumbai’s challenging climate.

Versatility: These coatings are suitable for a wide range of applications, from roofs and facades to floors and below-grade waterproofing. This versatility was crucial in addressing the diverse waterproofing needs of Palais Royale.

Durability: Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings significantly enhance the durability of reinforced concrete, ensuring that the structure remains protected for years to come. This is essential for a high-rise tower like Palais Royale.

Quick Application: The fast-curing nature of these coatings allowed for a speedy application process, reducing the construction timeline and minimizing any potential delays due to weather conditions.

Seamless Protection: The coatings provide a seamless and monolithic waterproofing layer, eliminating the risk of leaks and moisture intrusion through joints or seams.

Application Process of Hybrid Polyurethane Waterproofing:

The successful application of Sunanda Global’s hybrid polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing coatings at Palais Royale followed a meticulous procedure:

Surface Preparation and Cleaning:

The project began with thorough surface preparation to ensure the coatings adhered effectively. This involved the removal of contaminants, laitance, and weak concrete. The contractors addressed any surface imperfections and filled the blow holes with the recommended filler.


Before the application of the waterproofing coatings, the contractors primed the surfaces to achieve an even surface and secure adhesion. Sunanda Global offers a range of primers tailored to different substrates and weather conditions.

Coating Application:

The contractors of the Palais Royale project applied hybrid polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing coatings as a base coat on the well-primed surface. The application method included the use of airless spray guns, rollers, or brushes, depending on the specific requirements of each area. They applied multiple coats as needed, ensuring a uniform and robust waterproofing layer.

UV Protection:

These coatings exhibit good resistance to UV radiation.

Results and Benefits of Sunanda’s Hybrid Polyurethane Waterproofing:

The application of Sunanda Global’s hybrid polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing coatings at Palais Royale yielded a multitude of benefits:

Uncompromising Waterproofing: The coatings offered Palais Royale the utmost protection against moisture, ensuring the structure’s longevity in Mumbai’s challenging climate.

Time Efficiency: The fast-curing nature of the coatings allowed for efficient application, contributing to the project’s timely completion.

Versatile Performance: The coatings proved adaptable to the various surfaces and details of the building’s architecture, providing comprehensive waterproofing coverage.

UV Resistance: The added UV-resistant property ensured the coatings remained effective despite the intense sunlight exposure.


The Palais Royale high-rise tower in Mumbai stands as a testament to the excellence of Sunanda Global’s hybrid polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing coatings.

The above case study demonstrates how a reliable and versatile waterproofing solution can significantly affect the construction of iconic structures.

Sunanda Global’s hybrid polyurethane waterproofing coating’s exceptional capability, durability, and adaptability have contributed to the enduring success of this architectural marvel.

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, Sunanda Global continues to be a trusted partner in ensuring the longevity and quality of architectural wonders like Palais Royale.