Case study of Peninsula Centre in Parel at Mumbai – Waterproofing Coatings

Peninsula Centre:

The Peninsula Centre, situated within the vibrant hub of Parel in Mumbai, rises majestically, symbolizing contemporary architectural excellence and business acumen.

Peninsula Centre’s redevelopment journey mirrors the evolution of Mumbai’s urban landscape.

Formerly known as Tank Mill, this historic site underwent a remarkable transformation into a state-of-the-art business complex.

This architectural marvel underwent a transformative journey, repurposing an ageing structure into a contemporary hub for premier companies.

The revitalization efforts encompassed preserving existing features while introducing contemporary elements to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

However, amidst its grandeur, one crucial aspect demanded meticulous attention – waterproofing the podium.

Waterproofing Challenges and Solutions in Peninsula Centre:

Peninsula Centre’s podium, situated at the heart of Mumbai’s dynamic landscape, faced the relentless assault of moisture and weathering.

The project team selected Sunanda Global’s advanced waterproofing coatings to safeguard against potential water ingress and structural damage.

Sunanda Global’s expertise in waterproofing coatings emerged as the solution of choice, ensuring the longevity and integrity of this iconic development.

These coatings offer a comprehensive solution fortified with cutting-edge technology to provide robust protection against water infiltration, UV exposure, and corrosion.

Benefits of Sunanda Global Waterproofing Coatings:

Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings provide various advantages customized to meet the unique demands of projects like Peninsula Centre.

These coatings form a seamless barrier, effectively sealing surfaces and preventing water penetration.

Additionally, they exhibit exceptional durability, withstanding the rigours of harsh weather conditions and maintaining structural integrity over time.

Moreover, Sunanda Global’s eco-friendly coatings promote sustainability without compromising performance.

Sunanda Global’s Role:

As a trusted partner in waterproofing solutions, Sunanda Global played a pivotal role in the success of Peninsula Centre’s podium waterproofing.

Sunanda Global used its expertise and innovative products to tailor solutions for site challenges through close collaboration with stakeholders.

The expertise and reliability demonstrated by Sunanda Global instilled confidence throughout the project lifecycle, from planning and execution to completion.

Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction reaffirmed their position as a leading provider of waterproofing solutions in the construction industry.

Utilizing Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings, the contractors fortified the podium of Peninsula Centre against moisture intrusion, ensuring longevity and structural resilience.

The coatings demonstrated precise attention to detail, matching the project’s architectural vision with top quality and performance standards.


The successful waterproofing of the Peninsula Centre podium is evidence of the flawless fusion between cutting-edge technology and precise craftsmanship.

Sunanda Global’s waterproofing coatings have been instrumental in safeguarding this iconic development’s structural durability and visual allure, ensuring its resilience against the elements for years to come.

Mumbai’s changing cityscape sees Peninsula Centre leading in sustainability and innovation, backed by Sunanda Global’s waterproofing expertise for lasting success.