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Polyalk Fixoprime protects steel from corrosion

In the earlier article, we discussed how Rusticide helps remove rust from steel. Once the corrosion (rust) has been treated using Rusticide, it is necessary to prevent it from rusting to ensure the structure meets its designed service life.

Sunanda Global has exactly developed a tailor-made ready-to-use product – POLYALK FIXOPRIME.

POLYALK FIXOPRIME is a highly alkaline, polymeric, elastomeric chemical specially designed to protect steel against corrosion by passivation.




One-pack system. It can be mixed with cement forming a highly alkaline co-matrix.

  • The high alkalinity of cement fortified by high alkalinity, high flexural strength, and extra adhesion owing to specially engineered polymers in POLYALK FIXOPRIME gives long-lasting protection against corrosion (rusting) of steel rebars.
  • Treatment can be carried out at the site. Being cementitious, Polyalk Fixoprime coated rebars do not suffer the loss of a bond when embedded in concrete, whereas epoxy-coated bars are prone to suffer substantial loss of bond.


  • Clean the steel surface with a stiff wire brush to remove loosely held rust particles/ scales.
  • Apply RUSTICIDE with cotton waste swabs as per specification.
  • Mix 1 Kg of POLYALK FIXOPRIME with 1.25 Kg of fresh grey cement using a mechanical stirrer to form a lump-free slurry.
  • Apply this slurry to the steel rebar surface with a brush taking care to avoid pinholes.
  • Allow this coat to set for a minimum of six hours (or preferably till the next day)
  • Apply a second coat of the slurry carefully and allow this coat to set. Take suitable precautions to avoid pinholes. Make sure that no area is left uncovered.


All products manufactured by Sunanda Global are as per international quality standards. The company has an ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and CE marking for manufacturing its products.

At Sunanda Global, new concepts and innovations are necessary for competing globally.

Sunanda Global constantly seeks to upgrade its products, evolve them for new applications, and add unique products based on its strong association with customers while evaluating its innovations’ ecological and social impact.

This market-focused cutting-edge R&D has led to Sunanda Global’s strong position in the construction chemicals domain.