Case study of Eastern Freeway in Mumbai

The Eastern Freeway Project:

The Eastern Freeway in Mumbai is a 16.8 km long, four-lane, controlled-access highway that connects P D’ Mello Road in South Mumbai to the Eastern Express Highway (EEH) at Chembur.

MMRDA undertook the project to ease traffic congestion and provide faster connectivity to the eastern suburbs. The project involved the construction of elevated roads, tunnels, and bridges.

Eastern Freeway In Mumbai

The Application:

Sunanda Global coated the entire freeway with outstanding polyurethane coatings properties.

Sunanda Global designed polyurethane coatings to protect concrete surfaces from environmental factors such as water, dust, and pollutants.

They also intended the coating to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the highway surface and provide long-term protection to the structures. They chose polyurethane coatings because they have excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to abrasion.


The coatings provided by Sunanda Global protected the concrete surfaces from environmental factors and provided an aesthetically pleasing finish to the road surface.

The polyurethane coatings provided by Sunanda Global proved to be highly effective in protecting structures from harsh environments. 

The coatings provided excellent adhesion to the concrete surfaces and long-term protection against water, UV radiation, and other environmental factors.