The School’s Swimming Pool Project:

St. Paul Global School‘s swimming pool in New Delhi urgently needed an appropriate waterproofing solution to offer safety against water leakages.

As part of the school’s property, they built the swimming pool on a structural concrete base.

The school authorities turned to Sunanda Global, which provides and manufactures waterproofing products.

St. Paul Global School

St. Paul Global School’s Swimming Pool

The Application:

Because of its position on the road, it was important that the solution offered would provide an impervious structure for the school authorities.

Sunanda Global specified the project’s liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane because of its successful track record and global recognition.

The contractors utilised a high-performance waterproofing system because of its resistance to various water pressure levels and its high elongations, which are suitable for complex structures like pools.


Sunanda Global’s PU waterproofing system eliminated the need to maintain any internal drainage or pumping system often related to other solutions.

Sunanda Global’s solution made the designed surface capable of withstanding high water pressures.

Because of its zero leakages, this pool can now provide years of fun for students in the school.

With this specialised waterproofing system, the school swimming pool was successfully protected from water damage and leakage, ensuring the safety of its users and the surrounding environment.