Case study of Taj Coral Reef Resort and Spa in Maldives


The Taj Resort Project:

The Taj Coral Reef Resort and Spa is a luxurious five-star resort located on the island of Hembadhu in the Maldives. The resort features overwater and beachfront villas, restaurants, and spa facilities with exotic ocean views and dramatic sunsets. The resort’s location in a tropical climate, with high humidity and frequent rain, meant it was vulnerable to water damage and corrosion.

The Application:

Sunanda Global used its rust-preventing polymeric coating to protect the structure of the Taj Resort in the Maldives. Our company specially designed polymeric coatings to provide superior waterproofing and corrosion protection for the structure. The rust-preventing polymeric coating is a highly alkaline, polymeric, elastomeric formulation specially designed to protect steel from corrosion by a passivation mechanism. These polymeric coatings are easy to apply, forming a seamless and smooth layer that protects the underlying structure from water, chemicals, and other environmental factors.


Sunanda Global’s polymeric coatings have provided an effective and reliable solution for the Taj Coral Reef Resort and Spa. The contractors applied polymeric coatings to the walls and other structural surfaces to provide complete protection against water damage and corrosion. The coatings have proven to be long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, ensuring that the resort remains in top condition for years to come.

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  1. Fiona Manonn

    To my surprise, it was better than thought. Excellent stay, food, view, and environment. Accompanied by five ducks in the gardening area. The view of the sea from the resort was awesome. A view that kept changing every day. Awesome in one word.

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