The Clubhouse of mega township Project:

In Upper Thane, a mega project of a 200+ acre integrated township with a grand clubhouse of 50,000 sq ft. required high insulation against heat(thermal) and high-quality waterproofing.

As the township authorities approached us on this topic, Sunanda Global gave them the solution of spray applied polyurethane foam insulation and waterproofing system.

The Application:

Sunanda Global’s spray applied polyurethane foam insulation was sprayed onto the prepared roof surface.

Due to this solution adhering to most surfaces, horizontal or vertical, they created a fully adhered, self-flashing, monolithic roof surface with none of the critical failure points of most roof systems.

This foam insulation is highly effective in providing thermal insulation and preventing heat loss, which helps to reduce energy consumption. 

Moreover, it also provides an airtight seal, which prevents the entry of air and moisture, thereby reducing the risk of water damage and other related problems.

lodha upper thane clubhouse cricket ground

lodha upper thane clubhouse 2



After the application, the clubhouse area had high thermal resistance, excellent air sealing ability, enhanced energy efficiency, and improved thermal comfort.

The energy performance of the clubhouse is made sure now thanks to our spray-applied polyurethane foam that can be mounted in hard-to-reach areas.