The project & problem:

Natvar Construction is a partnership firm, an ‘AA-class’ approved government contractor undertaking government projects related to civil and building construction work.

The company conducts the majority of its important activities in Gujarat. One of its projects was contracted with PWD in Daman & Diu and Chhapli Sheri Beach & Moti Daman Fort, Daman.

This project consists of commercial buildings; the other historic fort project is a tourist place.

The salinity level in the groundwater is high at the project location, which is very close to the sea. The company required a reliable and effective corrosion inhibitor admixture for both projects.

The contractors consulted Sunanda Global to solve their problem of reconstructing both structures.


Sunanda Global provided their corrosion inhibiting admixture for PWD buildings in Daman & Diu, Chhapli Sheri Beach & Moti Daman Fort, and Daman Projects. 

Sunanda Global’s corrosion-inhibiting admixtures have helped to protect the PWD and Daman Fort structures from the harmful marine environment.

It is a chloride-free, water-soluble admixture that contains organic and inorganic inhibitors that offer long-lasting protection against corrosion. 

Corrosion inhibiting admixtures can reduce concrete corrosion brought on by harsh chloride exposure circumstances. Reinforced concrete structures exposed to chlorides use it to increase their lifespan.

The construction team incorporated the admixture into the concrete mix design for the entire structure. It was a high-performance solution perfect for the project’s requirements.


Natvar Construction chose Sunanda Global’s corrosion inhibiting admixture not only for its high penetrating power, resulting in total protection of rebars in concrete, but also for its environmentally friendly, non-toxic, nitrite, and chromate-free properties.

The admixture helped the PWD and Fort structure to reduce concrete penetration and protect the steel reinforcements from corrosion caused by chlorides, carbonation, and other aggressive agents.

Sunanda’s admixture improved the durability and longevity of both structures. This admixture provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, ensuring the structural integrity of the building for years to come.

However, using Sunanda Global’s corrosion inhibiting admixture helped mitigate these issues and protected the concrete against corrosion.