The GSIDC Jetties Project:

The GSIDC jetties in Goa are T-shaped, fixed concrete jetties with two concrete floating pontoons and permanently piled concrete berthing dolphins.

The T-shaped fixed piled concrete jetty provides access to the two concrete floating pontoons, which weigh 180 tons each and are, in turn, berthing dolphins that ensure the concrete floating pontoon moves only along the Z-axis using the system of stainless steel yokes.

Corrosion caused by the marine environment’s chlorides affected the steel reinforcement.

We needed a cutting-edge corrosion protection system to repair the degenerated concrete and eliminate the corrosion issues.

Repairing any structure close to the marine belt is always challenging, whether at or below the water level. Completed repairs are subject to heavy mechanical impacts caused by the shipping and goods handling process.

GSIDC Jetties Goa

The Application:

Sunanda Global supplied a complete and comprehensive system for the repair process of the GSIDC jetties in Goa. To prevent the corrosion of the reinforcement, we used sacrificial anodes.

For the above jetties project in Goa, we used high-performance grouts, mortars, and anti-corrosive primers. The workers used polymer-modified mortars to fill the cracks.

Sunanda Global completed recasting areas of concrete using their superplasticizer, a chemical admixture that helps improve the workability and performance of concrete. This product is known for its ability to reduce water content and increase the strength of concrete.

They then coated the jetties with protective epoxy and polyurethane coatings, which provided versatile protection from chloride ingress, UV, and bacterial growth.


The advanced corrosion protection system of Sunanda Global increased the service life of the GSIDC jetties in Goa.

Sunanda Global ensured that all materials supplied for the above project were compatible.

It was good news for the client and the contractor, as they completed the project with zero berthing time during the application. The supplied material’s quality and durability ensured that it would not require any maintenance for many years.