Unlocking Excellence: Enhancing RNA Building No. 2 and 3 of the RNA Continental Complex

The RNA Continental Complex, comprising RNA Building No 2 and 3 in Mumbai’s Chembur (E) suburb, rises 16 floors and witnesses the city’s evolution. Moreover, the complex is a hub of vibrant urban living.

However, with time, the wear and tear on their external surfaces became apparent, necessitating a rejuvenation to preserve their integrity and aesthetic appeal.

The search for an innovative exterior coating arose from the necessity of enduring Mumbai’s climate and providing lasting environmental protection.

Sunanda Global introduced its acclaimed acrylic coatings, renowned for their advanced technology that ensures durability, waterproofing, and thermal insulation. These three elements were crucial for enhancing the resilience of the two buildings in the RNA complex.

RNA Building 2 and 3 of RNA Continental Complex in Subhash Nagar Chembur

Partnering for Progress: Sunanda Global’s Intervention

With the challenge, stakeholders turned to Sunanda Global, a beacon of excellence in exterior coatings.

Sunanda’s experts collaborated closely with project managers to devise a tailored solution for RNA buildings in the RNA Continental Complex.

The contractors can employ these coatings skillfully, utilizing Sunanda’s proficiency in acrylic coatings, which enhances aesthetics while ensuring protection.

Revitalizing the Facade: Sunanda Global’s Acrylic Coatings in Action for RNA Building No 2 and 3 of the RNA Continental Complex

The project began by carefully preparing the surface, following Sunanda Global’s strict standards to ensure the best possible coating performance.

The project team conscientiously attended to every flaw, guaranteeing a perfect surface for applying Sunanda Global’s acrylic exterior coatings.

Unlike conventional coatings, Sunanda Global’s solution required no priming coat, streamlining the application process and minimizing time and costs.

The application of Sunanda Global’s acrylic coatings marked a turning point for the two RNA buildings.

With each brush stroke, the team shielded the structures from water, temperature changes, and environmental harm.

The innovative formula of Sunanda boosted exterior durability while improving thermal insulation, showcasing its dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency.

A Testament to Excellence: Results and Impact of Sunanda Global’s Exterior Coatings

The RNA buildings underwent a remarkable transformation as the applicators applied final coats.

The once-faded facades now gleamed with renewed vitality, drawing admiration from residents and passersby alike.

These acrylic coatings rejuvenated and ensured the enduring prominence of RNA Building No 2 and 3 in Chembur’s skyline, enhancing their exteriors and longevity.

Looking Ahead: A Legacy of Innovation

The revitalization of RNA Building No 2 and 3 showcases collaboration and innovation in architectural preservation.

Sunanda Global’s acrylic exterior coatings have elevated the grandeur of iconic structures, establishing a new standard for excellence.

The RNA Building No 2 and 3 stand resilient, showcasing the enduring partnership between Sunanda Global and visionary stakeholders.